16-Year old Chess Prodigy & Paralympic Swimmer | India Plays – S1E01

My name is Aryan Joshi,
I’m 16 years old… I’m a International chess player… This year I represented India in World Team Championship and World Junior Championship… For Indian blind chess. I play chess… He used to come and sit beside us. One fine day he said… Papa I can also play, you play with me. Check. Actually he isn’t practicing, he is practicing for
the match, that’s why he has gone ahead. And the way he started playing with us, we found
that he has really good spark in him. Winning trophies and medals was my
main motivation at the start. Then I felt that I have got a lot of interest in
chess and I should pursue it as a career. Like chess is the only game where blind players can compete with the other players on the same ground. I use a screen reader software. Which reads out everything that is written on the screen, so through that I can use laptop and do everything. So I play chess and do
my classes online. For concentration you
need some physical activity… Because the game of chess
lasts for almost 3 to 5 hours… For that to sit at one place for so long,
you should be physically fit. My eye doctor suggested my parents that they should enroll me in swimming for stimulation purposes… We haven’t decided anything for him, he will think
and decide on his own and will go ahead… He enjoys swimming, profession he would like to seriously pursue chess and follow it… I’m looking forward to play
some good chess. To become a grandmaster in chess.

100 thoughts on “16-Year old Chess Prodigy & Paralympic Swimmer | India Plays – S1E01

  1. Guys this is "breakfast with champions" channel only.. Don't panic about when you subscribed this channel… ?✌️ Btw great documentary ?

  2. This is not on ,GK !! Celebrating such champions with just 3 min video is not adequate !! Want 15-20 min of this . Great idea, superb effort !!

  3. Aryan is blind but he has a great VISION… We can see but we are blind towards CHAMPIONS like Aryan…
    Proud of you Aryan…..!!!!! Keep it up….!!!!!

  4. Fantastic. Good to see that there are champions who are not known to the world… And that one person who gave a thumbs down… Let me see what you excel at before judging someone

  5. Wah..this is seriously a gd one..each sports and players are always to admire..the hard work dedication..thr r so much to learn from them..and one of them is here true champion #aryan…keep rocking hero we r proud of u..and hatss off to them #oaktree now #breakfastwithchampion is memories now ????????

  6. I want to meet the person behind the one dislike. Chai pe baith k baat krni padegi ki jeevan me kya galat hua h inke saath!

  7. What Aryan Joshi achieved so far, is beyond my imagination. Chess, swimming and in future who can say what more. He is a living inspirational story already.

  8. This 16 year old guy is inspiration for many people! God bless him and may he take our nation to a different level in chess

  9. Finally it's live !!! I was eagerly waiting for this series since Gaurav spoke about it on Danny's podcast back in March.

  10. Bahot achha initiative hai Oaktree guyz….cricketers ki tarah aur bhi sportspersons ko ek identity milegi….Episode aur lamba hota to aur jyaada mazaa aata…..aisa mat socho ki public bor ho jayegi…..keep it up guyzz…..all the best gaurav bhaaiii

  11. He might not be as famous as some of the ace cricketers but he deserve to be at top because despite having a rather challenging situation he aced not one but two games which are totally different than one another, that also in such a young age. He is an inspiration for us for not only as a player but as a human being.
    Thank you Gaurav for introducing us to such an phenomenal person.

  12. Great work guys this is what sports actually is breaking all barriers and crossing all limits no physical inability is enough to stop u from conquering u r dreams great that u kept it short and simple and made us aware of this talent that our country possesses once again kudos guys Team Oaktree for this really good job

  13. Congratulations to the Oaktree Sports team. Really loved it, had been waiting for this since few months.
    Excited for this series to see more such athletes and sportspersons.

    Thank you Gaurav

  14. That's amazing buddy keep it up and passion along with interest gives an extra boost to perform well in a career . All the best and keep rocking

  15. This is what was missing from indian sports… Inspiring d persons who are on d process of achieving something great…. Really proud of oak tree… A productive show indeed! HugeLIKE

  16. Amazing amazing amazing.
    And we 'fully able' people have some excuse or the other to not aim for excellence or to settle for mediocrity.
    Well done Aryan. And kudos to the parents for enabling him to to fly instead of fumbling through life.
    Well done Oaktree. Keep up the good work.

  17. Great initiative to start with as we as an Indian, are familiar wid d life of d cricket players as well as interested… e.g. Prithvi Shaw… As a maharashtrian i have been following him since he is 8… Butatd same time gud to know unsung heros….

  18. Good initiative Gaurav, but plz do justice with their talent, hardwork , passion, dedication, spirit towards sport and life. They are far more motivator , so atleast give them reasonable and justiciable time on screen.

  19. Weldon #breakfast_with_champion
    Great idea
    I don't know why people dislike this video May be they want more but I am sure that these videos are going to be top ???

  20. Just 3min 10 sec video is really unfair. Interview them . Believe me these are way more interesting than miss field episodes.

  21. love to see all other sports of india, i think its your responsibilty to show all others sports which are played all around the world and olympics,asian,commonwealth games ,its a humble request there is so much talent in our india.

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