12 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!

[Music] you know mess Leonel missing they are now resting they’ll mess [Music] you’re now master [Music] I see okay and steel [Applause] thirty-four from there see want to go race all this green still nineteen-year-old [Applause] [Music] it’s a great chance for the team [Applause] Ronaldinho still ficuses last identity [Applause] [Music] then she takes everybody nineteen years of age he gets a Patrick [Music] Barcelona Real Madrid Bilbao have never been relegated from the Premier Division something to be admired I have to say – brilliant run from missing [Applause] great covered our final girls – the magical mercurial [Music] here mr. boss is messy away for two three four good is he [Applause] a certain natural golfer no messy [Music] IIIi think everything about this guy you want to learn you know from the way places as well so how many probably react when he gets mailed by someone he doesn’t show his frustration to his teammates I just think everything about him Ewing you want to like them I mean them any ability real first man I’ve been relieved enough theater life when he comes wanna be completely I don’t agree wherever examples in your time to think we play for I mean I seen of the Renaldo tonight this guy’s the best player in the world and there is no doubt about that and acting we’re always nervous about calling people who were currently watching a younger 23 sees the best player ever but we shouldn’t be we should admit what we’re seen in front of our eyes this is a special talent who maybe is the best player that has ever been seen guitar [Applause] I did where they want [Applause] [Applause] [Music] I see the chocolate forget now Missy oh I see [Applause] Electric [Applause] [Applause] gets messy it’s Champions League history [Music] listen Tommy died music [Applause] he’s chubby only and if it again here Leonel messy could this be the hat trick at all time [Applause] could be true from Fulton Leonel messy and trying to contain him [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] which is intriguingly toys right now Harry Kasich [Applause] it’s not like myself to give you the opportunity when you learn they’ve got an extra man back [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] leave [Music] HM not away yet comes a lot of parsley I’m a seaman they enter messy messy with a Chance messy and mr. Cootes and wide into the middle the header is messy messy messy just dances he tell us his challenge runs past two more there’s a chance for Missy galloping turns Lipton Messi’s free-kick later [Applause] it’s called – again you’ll dig well against Valley around spring that’s me say [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “12 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!

  1. A…dream!A soccer sewing machine! More then a football player! The best of all! Respect! Maybe he missed…the planet!

  2. Sorry to say but yeah one of the greatest footballers in the world. But I did the Falklands war and lost lots of friends. But I forgive.

  3. dios que jugador ….nunca vi un 10 como el y cuando corre lo hace con la pelota pegada a los pies ….es un genio nunca vi hacer eso ……POR FAVOR ARGENTINOS Y LO COMPARAN CON MARADONA …….

  4. The first goal…fucking blinding pace and skills….8 players plus the keeper left in his wake! Similar to Maradonas goal against England ;0)

  5. ra-MOUSE dimana kamu ? jagain MESSI ya ?!! ssstt..klo tanding.. pakai 15 pemain, dan 2 kiper..kurang nggak ?

  6. who the fuck dislike to such an amazing player in the world. If you dislike lionel messi then you are not human. Respect the legend ?✋
    Like here if you respect him ?

  7. Sorprendio al mundo con la camiseta Argentina? Haaa nooo verdad que es en el Barsa donde todos juegan para el…se me olvidaba…

  8. comento algo para resaltar,ser jugador de talla mundial es hacer goles en momentos importantes,messi es muy bueno pero cada quien en su posicion y no he visto a un jugador como cristiano sumando goles con equipos diferentes, sumen las estadisticas, manchester, real madrid y seleccion de portugal y aun vigente en la juventus que clase de jugador es!

  9. Welp, you haven't seen me play yet. One time i played football the ball went over our house and into the other, and then the other and so on and so forth, but after a whole 8 hour. I woke up in bed knowing it was just a dream

  10. Para mi Messi es un genio que Dios mando a este mundo ,para alegrar la vida de millones de personas que somos amantes del footboll ,y doy gracias al Infinito por ser una de ellas .❤️⚽️

  11. Tinha que mostrar esse vídeo para o NEYMAR, para ver se ele aprende a não cair quando encostam nele!!!
    Messi não pensa em cair e sim em fazer GOOOOLLLLLL

  12. i m frm india,,in india only sports loved is cricket,,bt just beacause of messi i luv football,,nd fedrer,djokovic,zverev,medvedev,bublik,paire r my fav in tennis,,man united,man city,totenham,wolves,atletico madrid,barcelona,frankfurt,lyon r my fav teams,,i luv football nd tennis more than cricket

  13. Messi adalah karya tuhan yang paling indah dalam sepak bola,. Jadi tidak mungkin ada pemain lain yang mampu menyamai levelnya,. Buka hanya jumlah gol, tapi lihat keindahan driblenya, gerak tubuhnya yang mematikan bagi pertahanan lawan, mengumpan dengan akurat, setiap gol yang di cetak selalu dengan nuansa santai indah dan seakan natural sekali bola di kakinya,. Kalau ronaldo kan harus fitnes dulu sampe berotot, itupun tujuannya mencetak gol aja.. ???,. Itulah keunikan messi kecepatan, keindahan, bahkan hal yang tidak biasa di lihat manusia di lapangan bisa terjadi dengan bola di kaki messi,. Terimakasih ya Allah di era saat ini memberikan kemampuan manusia sepak bola seperti messi,. Kami sangat bangga dan terhibur,. @leomessi @fcbarcelona

  14. The best ever,messi is far far better than ronaldo,please for god s sakes don t compare ronaldo to messi,messi is on a whole different level,messi is the best no matter what,the real goat??????

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