11-year-old boy beaten to death by father at cricket practice in Australia

Violence happens to everybody no matter how
nice your house is, how intelligent you are. The distraught mother of an 11-year-old boy
savagely stabbed and beaten to death by his father, Greg Batty, after cricket practice.
The incident happened in Tyabb, Victoria in Australia, as parents and children watched
on in horror. Rosie Batty spoke to reporters on Thursday morning and revealed her estranged husband
had a history of violence and mental illness. She also paid tribute to her son. He was effervescent, he was funny. He wasn’t
the best scholar, but he was intelligent. He enjoyed his school at Flinders. 54-year-old Greg Batty was shot by police
at the scene and later died in hospital. Rosie told reporters that Greg Batty had suffered
from an undiagnosed mental illness for two decades. No one loved Luke more than Greg, his father.
No one loved Luke more than me. We both loved him. Police have not revealed details, but some
witnesses said a cricket bat was used in the attack. A horrific scene. We’ve got the death of a
young boy. His mother is clearly absolutely distraught and our thoughts and prayers go
out to her and the extended family. Officers said they shot a man after they were
threatened with a knife and attempts to subdue him failed.

32 thoughts on “11-year-old boy beaten to death by father at cricket practice in Australia

  1. ): poor kid RIP… stupid abusive parents why ?! its not human to hurt our children this way no mater how sick you are.

  2. who let this guy have a kid if he was mentally ill and had a history of violence for TWO DECADES???? I think the mother should be responsible for some blame.

  3. Why the fuck would the mother leave her child alone with a man with past mental health problems?!? And why did she even marry him in the first place? One dumb ass bitch right there

  4. You never expect something like this in your life..But some times it happens, and we all should embrace it and prepare for it. Prayers and thoughts go out to all the families who lost their loved ones.

  5. I know the police officer that shot the father, and he is now extremely traumatized/ shocked from what he saw. How could you beat your own son to death in front of all those people? it's absolutely disgusting.

  6. There's good and bad
    There's mental good and mental bad
    This father has no fear and he killed his own son in front of everybody. Child killer is the worst crime and same problem with child rapist, if I was a prime minister I would put them to death sentence so that way it warns others

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