102 Year Old Baseball Star!

It would take some kind of hero to get away
with chomping through a cigar like that. But at 102 years old, Conrado Marrero is exactly
that – some kind of hero! Marrero is the oldest living former Major
League Baseball player, and he celebrated with family and friends at his modest Havana
apartment. The former Washington Senator player is also
celebrating a pay out from his days of playing baseball in the United States. After a long wait, he finally received a 20,000
dollar pay out from MLB, granted to players who played between 1947 and 1979. The money had been held up since 2011 due
to issues surrounding the 51-year-old US embargo on Cuba, which prohibits most bank transfers
to the Communist-run island. Marrero played in amateur and semi-professional
baseball events in the early 1930s. By the time he reached the big leagues, Marrero
was already 39, an age when most other players had long since retired, but he was still named
in the 1951 All-Star team. After his stint in the big leagues, Marrero
came back to Cuba, ending his career with the Havana Sugar Kings in 1957.

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