100 Swing Power Practice Plan • Baseball Batting Aids • Laser Strap Power Swing Trainer

100 Swing Power Practice Plan Drill 1: Top/Trail hand side toss; Isolating, and improving top/trail hand, and rotational mechanics Drill 2: Bottom hand side toss, isolating swing extension, improving core mechanics Drill 3: Laser Blast compact mechanics side toss Isolating contact closer to your body Drill 3: Laser Blast “Hanging” slider side toss Drill 4: Laser Whip extension side toss Removing your front arm from your Laser Strap Isolating low, and outside; and low, and in front contact Toss the ball toward the front hip Your top-hand isn’t designed for low, outside locations Your bottom has more reach for that location Top hand drills, isolate contact closer to your body, and higher in the zone As you get farther away from your body, your top hand becomes less effective Especially low, and outside; better suited for your bottom hand, having more reach Spread out stance, pinch your knees in On the inside balls of your feet Place your bottom hand on your shoulder Isolating your “foot down” position Lowering your back elbow Regardless of where you start, you’ll end up close to your rib cage You’re isolating the middle part of your swing, the blasting phase Turn your front knee in Relax, turning your back foot with your hip joint Drill 2: Bottom hand side toss Isolating, and improve swing extension Making contact farther away from your body Avoid overswinging with your arms, focus on using your core muscles Turning your back leg by using your hips Aim to hit the ball up the middle Drill 3: Laser Blast isolating contact closer to your body For example, hitting the “up-and-inside” dominant fastball Using a short, and flat swing path Lower your back elbow Isolating a condensed, explosive swing The speed of a dominant fastball provides the power for you Avoid raising you back elbow, and front leg wasting valuable time to reach a dominant fastball, and doesn’t help for “fastball hitting power” Drill 4: Laser Blast “hanging slider” side toss Isolating “home run” mechanics Using elongated swing movements Drill 5: Laser Whip, remove your front arm from your Laser Strap Isolating low, and outside; or low, and in front Using a top/trail hand release follow through, for extra plate coverage Right there, whip!!!

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