10 interesting facts about Intel who launched core i9

nowadays gadgets are like limbs of our
body here’s what empowers it processors and when we hear the word processors
what we hear is then then then then then number ten
recently Intel revealed its most powerful microprocessor in core series known
as core I nine so-called a confidential processor it is being tested by Intel
and partner companies and will soon be available in the market with all the
variants by the end of 2017 it is the first series which has minimum 10 cores
and maximum number of cores up to 18 in a single microprocessor chip working at
4.5 GHz with Turbo Boost technology the price of this variants largely
varies from thousand dollars to two thousand dollars due to the number of
cores and cache capacity number nine Intel accused AMD for stealing trade secrets
worth 1 billion dollars supposedly a software engineer named Biswamohan pani
who was a former employee at Intel got charged for stealing the information and
providing it to AMD he was sentenced for three years of imprisonment followed by
two years of supervised release with a fine of seventeen thousand five hundred
US dollars number eight there are lots of perks available for working at Intel
Intel provides several employee programs such as Intel employee purchase program
scholarships for the children of Intel employees retirement benefits etc Intel
employees get discounts while buying computers air tickets daily use items
with their perks at work program and yes they get around 50% off while purchasing
processors in limited quantity number 7 Intel’s x86 microprocessors hide a chip
called me that can take over your PC this ship cannot be examined or audited by
anyone and it is almost autonomous this chip otherwise called Intel management
engine consists of also a microprocessor that can control your main CPU it is
available on all the micro processors starting from core 2 duo some experts say
that this chip is useful for corporate servers where they need to be controlled
from the panel however it is being said that there are other factors which
greater threats than this chip which can let your machine get hacked number-6
internships have been the most favorite for space mission logistics and machines
the Hubble telescope has been using the Intel 486 chip which was installed in
1999 the international space station runs Intel i386 chipset even the space
shuttles retired recently employed until i386 chipset number 5 Intel’s jingle
was once second most addictive sound in the world the first most addictive sound
was baby giggle Walter warzova designed this rhythm and
it took almost 2 weeks to make the tune which sounded more innovative
corporate and inviting number 4 Intel has been sponsoring the wheelchair of
Stephen Hawking since 1997 it gave him voice intel’s open-source program named
acat selects the characters from an on-screen keyboard as stephen moves his
cheeks intel has also been experimenting with
eye tracking and brain control interfaces Stephen Hawking has a
powerful Lenovo yoga tablet powered by Intel Core i7 6600 CPU on
his wheelchair number three Intel’s major product was not the microprocessor
as it started in 1968 intel was known as a major manufacturer of RAMs until 1981
and was called as nm electronics which was later renamed to integrated
electronics precisely Intel number two Intel is one of the hundred percent
green power consuming corporations it consumes around 3.1 billion kilowatt hour
per year and has 18 solar power projects they also have installed solar projects
in their nine campuses which collectively generate around 10 million
kilowatt hour green electricity Intel has also installed micro turbines at Santa
Clara campus in California number one wondering why Pentium 5
didn’t show up much in the market intel developed this fifth generation
processor and launched it in 1993 in 1994
professor Thomas nicely at Lynchburg College Virginia discovered a bug which
could allow a malicious program to crash the system
it caused Intel a lot of embarrassment and they had to exchange the faulty
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