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Welcome to another video guys now this episode was originally uploaded to our fTD South AsIa channel But since a lot of you guys have been asking us to do a lot more list type videos We figured let’s just give it a shot here, so let me know down below in the comments section Do you want to see more videos like this? I’m going to be down there below it Responding to your comments and stuff myself and dave we want to continue to appeal to an even wider audience not just one subject So again guys if you want to see more videos like this let me know down below in the comment section And I’ll see you down there not That sounded weird anyways Yeah Just take a look at the video cricket may be a gentleman sport and players are always pretty Serious and intense when it comes to playing it oh He was it is monumental One of the biggest right that’s obscene at this ground however there are just some moments that get real funny So let’s take a look at 10 of the funniest moments in cricket. How’s it going everybody? My name is Leroy, Kenton and first off. Let me know down below in the comment section What is your sport or what are your sports obviously one of them have to be cricket because you’re watching this video Let’s start off with number 10 this involved dWAyne Smith in one particular Match between the Indian Premier league Mumbai Indian and the Chennai Super Kings doing smith ended up taking a shot on the offside and took a run single it should be 73 Products went with odd. What does it run out? Surely, what is happening out? You need to call themselves This is a company of arabs They had I think it keeps more opportunities graduate without doing myths should have been easily run out but the carelessness of the fielders meant for Chances they missed to get this guy out are let’s move on to number nine one of the main spirit heads of the Indian bowling back in the early 2000s a gar car He was often known to be very handy with the bat But during the tour against the australian on guard car had seven consecutive ducks in seven consecutive matches They spelled it out seven ducks in a row Against Australia, this has been a nightmare for him He will still be lying in his bed when he’s 70 years of age Remembering this when he finally gets a single against the australian can rate his bat as if you scored a century The way to go got a nice big juicy full cost evidence bit on poor guy That’s definitely going to haunt him for the rest of his life services up to the Road Okay Number eight Billy Bowden who would have thought umpires could be funny in cricket Matches Umpire Billy Bowden brings a unique flavour to the match he umpires in by his unique style of Signalling sometimes he just does some signals, and you’re like what the hell is that like really, but it’s very funny to watch In number seven we have the Pakistani Batsmen in the Marvel Hawk now He’s regarded as one of the best Batsmen to ever come out of Pakistan But while his stroke play and hitting were good running between the wickets was not his forte it’s a Bob and what’s the the Engine on could be run out Mr. Norris Given email his large size slowed him down. So he will run out quite often and most of them were just hilarious to see during a test match between England and South Africa the Unexpected happen as Andrew struts scooped up the ball his sunglasses Came off in the air and as he threw the ball towards the wicked his sunglasses which were floating in the air at the time Came down into the balls tab and got shattered on impact Andrew stress yes picks up the ball as he goes to throw he knocks his sunglasses in the air and they are demolished that Sort of timing is something that you only see in cartoons. I wanna see. What are the odds of that happening? Okay, so now we’ve gone a half way in the list and the poor guy let me just say that tillich Rodney dilshan was playing in a match between Sri Lanka and bangladesh Dilshan probably learned one of the most important laws of physics during his time playing cricket And that is what goes up must come down? After a dismissal he completely forgot about the ball he had thrown up in the air earlier and obviously yep It came back down hitting him right on that denied once again by the ropes He’s rubbing his head and threw the ball up in the air and came down steady on his head for number four we have arguably one of the most entertaining Cricketers to watch Chris Gayle the Jamaican Cricketer Chris Gayle is probably one of the most entertaining guys on the cricket pitch What’s his Chris gayle doing? He met when this song came out whooping condom star The whole world was dancing and sing along to it and of course Chris Gayle had to hop on the bandwagon During the Routine Match Gayle broke out into the Ganim Style dan the minute he took the wicked girls dump sing again okay, so rama to the end of this list you got through the funniest cricket moments left and number three is Sachin Tendulkar and just So you know guys over on our other channel FTD fact I did in fact video on Sachin Tendulkar So you can find out a little bit more about him and some of their greatest Achievements during his time playing cricket the link to that is down below But anyways we have a hilarious attempt to pick up two runs by two legendary Cricketers We had Sachin tendulkar and anil Kumble, but this turned into an absolute circus on the field absolute Circus ever while Sachin Tendulkar and come bleh were batting Tendulkar flicked the Ball to the Onside and ran a run but coming up for the second he and crumbly were on the same page at all Leading to wide confusion and Sachin was almost run out if not for Careless fumbling by the wicked Keeper 10 Duke eclipse at the leg side They’re looking for a second Gone out the blocks the both Paducah should have been run out by ten yards Colored masoud miss misses it. It’s a hot potato. He knocks the bales off so 10 doofus fine He may have displayed some horrible communication skills, but bangladesh’s fielding efforts Just topped it for sure another tonopah goes for one big thing the one is fine now talk about the second Lucas are crumbling down the block No I Think a locum plays in cards We got two spots left at number two Lou Vincennes in cricket we often see players going above and Beyond making amazing Catches to save the boundaries. We see them diving flying in the air like Superman you name it Could be a child comes at all Gotcha you are in it however during one of these amazing attempts something really funny happened What new zealand Fielder Lou Benson was trying to save a boundary? accidentally his pads came down during the fielding attempt and everybody was shocked and surprised I tighten your pads man So we just looked at some pretty funny cricket moment Seven dots in a row he knocks his sunglasses in the air and they are demolished. What bun Gundam star? Star but which moment was the funniest tapas list at number one we have mark Richardson this was so funny that not only the entire crowd started laughing but also the players on the field and the umpires and the announcers as well, oh goodness me I picked us none for the so this is probably one of the like Funny things you ever see in this freaking history during an India VS. New Zealand Match Mark Suddenly had Muscle cramps after hitting a shot and the way he fell down and the sound he made was enough to make anyone laugh I don’t care how serious you were you’re gonna laugh, so Here, I think it’s me Now I’m glad she’s alive you know and yeah We shouldn’t be making fun of people feeling a lot of pain right who am I kidding? Who’s just funny? No sometimes people get hurt. It’s just funny anyone said crap well no, it’s not fun to have but when you suffer in that fashion It does look at it funny for resistance. That’s it for this loads on the 10 funniest cricket moment. It’s good You know sometimes in such an intense? Sport where there’s a lot of emotions on both side at the end of the day sometimes you can just have a good laugh No, hope if you enjoyed this video hit that like button And if this is your first time here click that subscribe button you don’t want to miss any of these videos coming up I’m we were a Kenton, and I’ll see you in another video. I can’t wait What page so if you enjoyed this video you better check out our facts about? Cricket episode where we going to some of the history of cricket as well as other very interesting Facts about it or check out one of the other topics that we’ve covered either way You choose there’s always something to learn here on fTD facts. Thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you a real soon

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  5. Please do a Fact Video on Saladin (Salah ad-Din Ayyubi) the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty.

  6. Please do a Fact Video on Saladin (Salah ad-Din Ayyubi) the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty.

  7. Please do a Fact Video on Saladin (Salah ad-Din Ayyubi) the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and the founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty.

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