🔵⚫4-2 Inter vs AC Milan!🔴⚫ The Cartoon Comeback (Milan Derby Goals Highlights Milano)

Hi I’m Zlatan, God of all of Milan – today is Derby Day! Go Zlatan! Zlatan will be the hero in the Zan Ziro! On it’s last derby day! Zlatan says Hi there Godin, apologies to your spleen but it is Derby Day! Yes! – Zlatan says want this hot dog?
– Yes!
– Go fetch, Inter Dog! A goal on derby day! Yay A little kiss to the fans of Zlatan!
Halftime, so far in this match, I’m the man! Why the hell did I not signa Zlatan? After all, I’m an “Ex Premier League” Stan… Come on men! We’ve been outplayed by Zlatan! – He’s even older than my great, great, gran!
– But please, don’t worry, I’ll give us a chance! – I’ll turn their skill level down – now they’re pants!
– Yes! – Hi! Look Zlatan!
– What?
– 1-2 to Milan!
– WAKE UP! It’s derby day! Vecino be the hero, in the San Siro, on it’s last derby day!
– Wake up. – Who’s marking Stefan de Vrij?
– That would be me!
– You’ve thrown the game away! – Skrinier says “Want this hotdog”?
– NO!
– Fetch! – INTER DOG!
– Here goes on Derby Day! – A little kiss to the fans of Zlatan
The hero will be Zlatan I’m the m…
– WHAT THE HELL?! Yes it has all gone to plan! Wrapped up by… Rom the ex-Premier League Man! – I’m the new king in this town!
– I hate this place, Hurry up! Knock it down! What a great plan! It’s what gave us a chance! I turn your huge offer down, not a chance! You total clown!

100 thoughts on “🔵⚫4-2 Inter vs AC Milan!🔴⚫ The Cartoon Comeback (Milan Derby Goals Highlights Milano)

  1. You know the drill:

    1: Ronaldo
    2: Max Aarons (wait who the hell is that)
    3: Mo Salah
    4: Zlatan (woops I meant GO…)
    5: Messi
    6: David De Saver
    7: Dyballer
    8: Pogbahahaha
    0: Suarez
    Over 1k: Gary Bale

  2. Serie A is on juventus, i think inter can win it in two or three years because even the proyect is beggining but with the time we’ll know that proyect works

  3. 442oons you probably dont know but in the scene where it says inter merda, in portuguese merda means shit! hahaha
    Still very good video!

  4. I'm glad the majority of 442oons fans think that inter are gonna win instead of being idiots who this juve can only win the serie A

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