?Golf Swing Inside Out Drills (COPY THESE!)

(club swipe) – Well hello there, Adam Bazalgette, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today’s subject, golf inside-out drills. I’ll show you what the
definition of it is. Do great players in fact do that? Not precisely. But I’ll show you why it’s a good thing for you to work on, and there’s parts of it
you can certainly copy. Then of course, at the end, I’ll show you a drill. It’s actually multiple drills because you can use it different ways. So check it out. (inspirational music) So very briefly, before we get started, if you’re new to the channel or if you’ve watched my
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there too, next to that, and that will make sure you’re notified every time a new video comes out. I want these videos to be helpful to ya, help you build your game, so I’d appreciate if you’d do that. So what do we mean by inside-out or into-out as it’s often called? Well if that’s the target line, I’m deemed to be on the inside of it. The other side is the outside. So what this means is
that in the downswing, the club is swinging from the inside, which it definitely should be, and across the target
line, out to the outside. So that’s what this means, but is that really what great players do? Not exactly. But as we’ll show you in a moment, we’ll have a look at a great player then we’ll show you in a moment, it’s a good thing to work on. Let’s have a look at a great golfer. So there’s Brandt Snedeker. Very successful tour player. Watch his right thumb, an interesting quirk there. Look how it comes off the club. Nick Price used to do that as well, but he put it back on
there sooner than Brandt, but it’s back on there now. So is he swinging from the inside? Most certainly he is. This club is well over here to the inside of the target line. You wanna copy these things. Is he swinging out to the outside of the target line? Not really. He’s from the inside. Then he’s right to the back of the ball, right to the back of the ball there. Down the target line momentarily before coming around a
little to the inside. If you wanna hit solid, crisp iron shots, I’ve got a free course for you down there in the description box, solid strike formula. Just help yourself. So a couple of quick thoughts here. First off, people always say
it’s a game of opposites. They say if you swing to the left, the ball goes to the right or what not. That’s not true at all. It’s a stick and a ball. It couldn’t be anymore
obvious than it is really. Now it can get a little more complicated, as we’ll show you, when you
deal with club face and path, but the reason the great
players come from the inside but then hit the back of the ball, in other words, they’re
not going back there, is because when you put pressure
on the back of the ball, you send it towards the target. If you put pressure on the inside corner, you send it over there, unless the club face is closed. But most people, I’d
say the average golfer, struggles with the divot
going this way too much. So it’s a good thing to work on to try to develop this
accentuated feel coming down. It’ll have more power. It’ll really set the table for you to have a better golf game. One little thing though, and this is a caution to you, most people that swing this way, which, as I say, is most golfers, leave the club face a little open. That allows them to get
the ball more on target. It’s just part of how
these things develop. If you’re a person, a lady or a man, that curves the ball to the
right on your longer clubs, try to solve the curve a little bit before you work on this path too much, because if you can’t
get the club face square and you start swinging from in here, you’re gonna really hate the results. You’re gonna hit it right
and then curve it right. So work on the club face. Maybe it could be your grip
or the way you release it. Get the curve out, even if you’re just dead pulling it, then we can do this drill. So before we dive in with the drill, just wanna give a little
credit where it’s due. An old friend of mine and a mentor really, Michael Hebron, famous
in the golf industry, National PGA Teacher of the Year, Hall of Fame PGA Teacher actually. He is a guy that wrote a book called Play Golf To Learn book. He’s done a lot of interesting things. But in that book, I highly
recommend it by the way, in that book, he talks about the need
to play with boundaries and to do something to a wide degree to begin to develop feel. People get locked in
trying to hit good shots every time they swing. Doesn’t give ’em enough
freedom to feel something new. And along with that, it’s critical that you don’t
get locked in to outcome right at the beginning. Could be solid contact
when you start the drill. Just relax and experience something new, then dial it back to neutral. So thanks again to Mike Hebron, an old friend of mine and a mentor. Let’s look at the drill. So the drill’s so simple,
you’ll literally kick yourself. Now let’s say I’ve got a
club here, a five iron. Let’s say I had to take it back and someone said throw
the club over there, would I be able to? Naturally I could. 100% of people literally first try could make the club go in that direction. So why is it that some golfers have spent a decade or
two swinging this way, read every magazine, tried everything and haven’t been able to stop it? Well it’s just mental, it’s ridiculous. If you can swing a club there in one try, why can’t you do it with a ball? So the key is, as Mike said, you’ve gotta allow for
some failure short term, play around a little bit. And here’s the way I would do the drill. We’re going to start
really slow and small. We’ll hit several balls here. Use a tee if you like. I think I can do it without a tee. These fairways are
perfect here at Mediterra, but use a tee. Take just a little backswing here. Literally pause and
swing out to the right. I topped that a little bit. I don’t even care that I
topped it a little bit. You might well find that happens. And you might say well
that’s kind of ridiculous. Again, you’ve got to feel something. It is that easy to make it work. Here’s a big caution in this drill though. Do not start sucking the club head in here to try to swing to the right. Once you start to add speed
and make it a big swing, you will have hurt yourself. You won’t like the results. It’ll start to loop a bit. So again, let’s do another
one, nice and slowly, get it going back normally. My normal takeaway. Pause as long as you need to and then just playfully
swing in that direction, and the more relaxed you are, the more disconnected from the ball, the better off you’ll do it. Again, hit it a thin,
topped it a little bit. Don’t care. Now, what we start to do then, and I mentioned the club face by the way, as you get into this
drill and you work it, if you start to notice
you’re really hitting it right more with the club face and it’s curving a bit, get off the drill, work on the club face. But after a little while, you can both make it more subtle. Let’s make this quite a bit more subtle. That definitely is not as far to the, I mean it’s definitely more to the right than I’d wanna swing in a real golf swing but I could really feel something there. And of course, you add speed in and go up
and down the parameters. Once you start to lose it, go back to the little version. If you lose the club face, sort that out, and just keep cycling in. You literally, now it may take you weeks to build enough skill to
trust it on the golf course, but you will literally solve
the problem right away. So there we are. Golf inside-out drills. Love it if you’d hit the like button, the little thumbs-up if you
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in Scratch Golf Academy. Hopefully these drills are helpful to you. (upbeat music)

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