– Good morning, clan. Welcome to Sunday here at
University of Phoenix stadium. Day two of the fiesta. Fiestaval fiesta? – Festival fiesta. – Festival fiesta. Volleyball tournament. Three day tournament
President’s Weekend. Recap from yesterday. Sierra played three games. Lost two, one won. One of those was the number one
team in Arizona, by the way. And they held their
own for a little bit. We have another
three games today and today it’s inside the
University of Phoenix stadium. It’s gonna be super
awesome if you guys have not seen last year’s
vlog or even two days ago, when we had practice. It’s massive. You’re sitting on the
grass where the field is and you’re just
looking up, going, oh. This is what
football players feel like. We’ve still got
little Bevo with us. Hanging out for a little bit. You’re gonna
watch some volleyball. – Yep. – [Clintus] Check
out the ladies. – Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah. Bryce is all matchy-matchy
with his new shoes. Looking good, dude. Looking good. (bass notes) And here we are,
University of Phoenix stadium. Home of the Arizona Cardinals. 24 volleyball courts on the
ground floor, it’s amazing. We’re sitting
down here like, what? This is what the
Cardinals see everyday when they come out on
the field, look at this. How amazing is that? Even got a vendor
row selling merch. Got shirts, volleyball supplies. So many volleyball players. Good save, good save. (crowd cheers and talks) Nice! (players shout) Nice. Good job, good job. Good job, Sierra. Good job, good job. Good game, Snipers.
Good game, Snipers. Whoo! Alright, so the
girls won their first game. Getting ready to
start their second game. Good save, good job. Nice, nice. Nice, good job ladies. Good save, good save. Nice, nice! Good job! Good eye, good eye. Alright, so match two was
won in two games. Time for match three. There you go Abby,
there you go Abby. Whoo! Let’s go one-five! (cheers) – Loud and proud. You know
I love it loud and proud, okay? – Snipers on three. One, two, three, Sniper! – Good job ladies. – [Clintus] Look
at Bryce’s meal. Look at that. That is awesome. – When I got it I thought it was going to be normal pancakes. Because the picture
showed that here. – Alright, so
we’re back home and today the Snipers went… – Undefeated? – Three and oh. They didn’t lose one game. They won two rounds each time. It’s pretty awesome,
pretty awesome. So tomorrow is the final day
and its single elimination. We play at 10 A.M. If we win, we move on,
if we lose, we go home. And I don’t know if
it’s just two games tomorrow, and that’s it? Or if there’s a
potential third, I’m not sure. Tiffany knows all
the details, I don’t. But either way,
we’re guaranteed one game. If we win, we move on. So stay tuned. It should be awesome. – So we’ve been home
for a couple of hours, just kind of chilling. Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Jack
came and picked up Mason. And now we’re gonna
paint Sierra’s nails. SVA colors. We went through
all the polishes. We’re gonna come up
with something here. Black, blue, glitter, pink. Pink glitter. Alright, she’s
thinking about it. – Yeah, I’m thinking. – [Tiffany] Alright,
let’s see ’em. There they are. What do you think? – I like ’em. – [Clintus] This is adorable. Are you painting
Bryce’s toenails? – No. – I’m Bryce’s
pillow, apparently. – [Clintus] Apparently. Watching Impractical Jokers? You’re laughing out loud. Movie night. We’re gonna watch Inferno. It’s for rent on Apple TV. Bryce is the last man standing. When everyone else goes to bed. He’s sitting here
playing Roblox. Look at him, look at him. He’s about to pass out. – I just cut down a tree
and it fell off the edge. (Clintus laughs) – [Clintus] You’re in here for
like three hours playing Roblox. – Mmhmm.
– [Clintus] Mhmmm. It was funny. Earlier tonight
Sierra was on my iPad and she was looking
at really old videos, I’m talking like
in 2008, 2009 videos of her and Bryce super young. A couple of
videos like me and Bryce eating sushi the first time. Me and Sierra at
the mall, just old, old videos on this channel. Like if you go back way
before we were daily vlogging. Because that’s the thing. We’ve been daily
vlogging for almost five years but I have videos on this
channel that are 10 years old and like I said,
2009, what is it, that’s like eight years ago? Yeah, because
you’ll be 10 this year. So you were two. That makes sense. Okay, he was like two or three. Crazy. Anyways, that’s the
end of today’s vlog. Thanks so much for watching. Tomorrow the finale of
Sierra’s volleyball tournament. Single elimination. They lose, they go home. They win, they go
to the championship. I’m excited, I can’t wait. It’s President’s Day. No school, obviously. Three day weekend.
Hype hype hype. – [Bryce] Earlier, I was like,
oh I have school in the morning. Then I was like, oh
yeah it’s President’s Day. – Oh yeah I don’t have school. So anyways, we’ll
see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for watching. Vlog on. – (mumbles) And vlog on. (upbeat music)

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