– Good morning, it’s Saturday and we are driving to
my volleyball tournament, which is championships, so the tournament
is gonna go all day, which we said that last night, and so it’s a hour away. It’s in Gilbert? – [Tiffany] Gilbert.
– Gilbert. – [Tiffany] Arizona. Complete opposite
of where we live. – Yeah, so we
have to get up an hour and like 10 minutes or
something like that to go there, so it’s like six o’clock. (bass notes) (girls chanting) – [Tiffany] Game on, here we go. (crowd chanting) (whistle blowing) (crowd yelling) (coughing) Talk, talk. (whistle blows) Out. Hit to scanning, Sierra. – [Woman] Nice serve, Sierra. – [Tiffany] Tip, ah. Oh, she’s in the net. Yes. (crowd cheering) Yes!
– [Woman 2] Alright, Sierra. Oh.
(whistle blows) – [Woman] Come on, Snipers! – [Tiffany] Okay,
what happened, chica? – Me and coach were
peppering in between plays when I was reffing, and I
was playing with my slides on, and I tripped over my
slide, and I fell and landed straight on my wrist. – [Tiffany] You caught yourself
with your wrist, your normal reaction, so all your
weight went on to your wrist, so now it just hurts to– – I can’t bend
it or do anything. – [Tiffany] So we’re
icing it to maybe, possibly play the next game So, it’s been a rough day. – Good morning, clan.
Welcome to Saturday. We’re starting our morning
off heading to the green room to our first meet and greet. You excited? – Yeah.
– You excited? We got Cory hanging
out behind us, what’s up? So, we’re kicking off
things right with a little meet and greet, and
then later on we got a panel, Bryce is gonna be in
the crowd, giving everybody high-fives, yeah? Let’s do this,
Playlist Live 2017. These are the famous
Playlist Live posters they give away, all the creators
sign it, we signed right there in the circle of
the Playlist Live logo. Bryce has done his
signature on it, too. Alright, so we’re in
the green room, getting some snacks, getting some
breakfast, meeting up with our party, a bunch
of other family vloggers. Bryce’s breakfast
today is Pringles. Everybody’s getting grouped
up, we’re in orange stripe meetup,
everybody’s getting grouped up. Not the best
breakfast, though, right? It’s snack time. We’ll get breakfast later. We’ll just go skip to lunch. Where’s your outfit? You’re like the only kid
who doesn’t have an outfit, what’s going on? – No, I’m not the only kid.
(Clintus laughs) – Alright, so, for
the first three games, we lost all three, sadly. The first two we didn’t
do that good, and then the last one– (GPS say
something indistinguishable) The last one I couldn’t play,
so we played a little bit of different rotation,
so a lot of the girls were kind of confused
about what we were doing and got out of rotation a
few times, and so we lost. But, now we’ve got to
switch locations since we lost, and so we’re driving there
and hopefully we’ll do better. We’ve got at least two more
games, so we can still win and at least go up a few places. So my hand, we are
going to tape it once we get to the next location,
we’re gonna begin taping it, hopefully it’ll help it
feel better because it’s a special tape that
helps healing or something like that, I don’t know. You use it on your
injuries and stuff, like sprained ankles and
sprained stuff like that, so hopefully it’ll help my
wrist and I can play at least one more game today. – Ready, bro, ready? (group chatter) (crowd cheering) – [Tiffany] You
gonna wrap it up, Sierra? Alrighty, let’s see
if that helps, okay. – Thank you, Amy. – [Amy] You’re welcome. – [Clintus] How you doing?
– [Man] Vlog on! – [Clintus] Vlog on.
We saw you last year, right? – [Man] Yes.
– [Clintus] Yes. He remembered,
Bryce remembered. – [Man] Yes.
– [Clintus] Right on, right on. You having fun? – [Man] Awesome.
– [Clintus] So far, so good? – Hi Sierra. – [Clintus] What’s your name? – Julia. – [Clintus] Julia,
how old are you? – Seven. – Seven, and you
like watching her videos? Do you watch Sierra Creates
too, her channel, yeah? What are your
favorite videos that she makes? – All of them. – [Clintus] All of them, you
just love them all? – [Man 2] Hey,
what do we always say at Clintus, what does he say? – Vlog on. – [Clintus] Oh yeah, you want to
be at the end of the video? – [Tiffany] Okay, look at this
big old smile, what’s up? – I can play.
– [Tiffany] You can play? – Yeah, it doesn’t
hurts to pass or hit. I just can’t set. – [Tiffany] Okay, so it feels
funny to set still, then? – Yeah, it hurts,
I already tried, it hurts, but I can pass. – [Tiffany] Good,
I love that smile. Nice serve. (crowd cheering) Help it, help it! Over, over. Yes. Nice. Game points. Nice serve. Three. Oh, no. Yes, right there (crowd cheering) – Yes. Nice. – [Papa] There we go,
there we go. (rhythmic stomping
and clapping) Nice serve, Sierra. Gotta talk. Let’s go, let’s go. Yes. In! Game point. (whistle blows) Nice. Woohoo!
(crowd cheering) – Alright, so we’re
all wrapped up with our meet and greet, it was
pretty awesome, three hours, you’re a trooper. No Sierra,
no Tiffany, that was hard. – I played with Ken and– – You got to play
with kids a little bit. We didn’t get the
chance to vlog as much because it was just the two of us. Usually Tiffany
will vlog a little bit, then I’ll vlog a little bit,
so we didn’t get as many clips as we
thought we were going to. Big shout out to all
you guys, we got a chance to meet, thank you so
much for coming out, saying hi. It was awesome, and now
it’s time for some lunch. We’re back in the
green room and they’ve got cold brew coffee
on tap from Fox Tail, super excited. – It’s coffee? – Yeah, it’s coffee,
it’s really good, try it. It’s super good,
it’s super smooth. It’s just cold coffee,
but it’s super smooth. – I mean, like, the
texture, yeah, that’s good. – [Clintus] Smooth, right? – But the taste is okay. – [Clintus] Yeah, he’s not
a big fan of coffee. Not a big
fan of coffee, anyways. We got snacks and stuff, and
then we’ve got lunch time, we’ve gotta go back
to the hotel really quick to get vouchers, they gave
us vouchers for some tacos, I don’t have that yet,
so we’ll get them. – [Tiffany] A little
after tournament slushie. Decisions. Mountain Dew, oh, you’re
going to get caffeinated? Woo. – [Clintus] Tacos on a Saturday.
– Yeah. – Okay, back home now. Just to kind of
give a recap of the day, they ended up
losing, losing, losing, moved locations, won, lost, and then ended
with a consolation game, which was just one
game to 25, and you guys… – Won. – Won, so we ended with a
win, so that’s always good. And then, so I believe, overall, they got 33 out of, what did I say, 79 I believe. – So, out of 79 12-year-old
teams, we got 33rd. – Ended in 33rd. – So, that’s not too bad. – So, we extended the
season, and they continue practicing next week,
and then they have one last final tournament, the end
of June, beginning of July, and then they might
have like another smaller tournament somewhere in
between there, so volleyball’s not over yet. Okay, just to talk
about her hand one more time. So, they played, played,
and then they were reffing, during a time out, she was
playing pepper with her coach, she was wearing her slides
at the moment, so she kind of tripped over her slide, fell
on her butt, was going to fall on her butt, but your
reaction is to catch yourself with your wrist. – And it was only with
this hand, like all of my weight went to this one hand. – So, and then it was
hurting, she didn’t have full movements, so the coaches
decided, ’cause we played right after that, so
it was ref and then play, so they had to make the
decision, okay, are you okay to play or, so, they
decided to let her sit out and ice it, and then we
had the drive over to the second location, and
that’s where we wrapped it and she felt like she
was okay, beside setting, because when you
set, that’s when, yeah. – Move your wrist. – So, she ended up playing the
last two and a half games. And just didn’t play as setter. They played a,
what do you call it? – Five one, with Abby setting. – Yep, Abby was the
main setter, and then Sierra played, basically
played right side. – With helping in
passing and hitting. – So, I think
she’s gonna be okay. – Yep. There’s definitely
worse injuries out there. But, yeah, you’ll be fine,
it’ll just take a couple days to get back to full movement. So, that’s our day.
– Yep. – Baby’s super
excited to see us, we were gone for 12 hours. That’s a long time, huh, Baby? I think she was a good
girl, we haven’t been upstairs yet, but all the doors
are closed so I don’t think she can get into
too much trouble. But here she is. Oh, so excited.
– [Sierra] Hi. – [Tiffany] Yeah, sorry Baby. – I think you two
might say the same, like, as twins, you kind of
just compete, like grades at school, or any kind
of competition becomes extra intense– – I’m trying to sitting
down right now on the side, backstage, and I’m bored,
super, super bored. I just have to wait for
45 minutes until this thing is over. My dad isn’t even on it, he’s
just, like, monitoring it, so, if he was on it then
I would actually be watching it, but he’s just moderating
it, so it’s not that fun. Hey guys, I’m just,
it’s Bryce here, I found out, I just saw that there’s
a new way to vlog, you just hang the camera by the
strap, and then you just start vlogging like this. Hi. And then you can just
swing your camera back and forth. It’s pretty cool. – What? – My hair, did you
not see it, it was like, it was like all
folded like that. – Oh, it’s beautiful. So, Sierra picks
out our dinner tonight. She went through the
freezer and was like, I’m going to make this for us. Right?
– Mhmmm. So she’s doing it all on
her own, not that it’s much to do, pretty simple. – I just cook it on the stove. – [Tiffany] But she found
this in the freezer. And it’s doing its thing. She said it’s a meal for
two, so she thought it was just perfect of
the two of us, right? Thank you, chica.
– Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Alright,
dinner time. We went with Italian tonight. What’d you get Bryce? – I got alfredo. – [Clintus] With? – Shrimp. – [Clintus] Shrimp,
penne pasta and shrimp. – And a burnt fork. – [Clintus] And a burnt fork,
what’s up with that? – I don’t know. – [Clintus] You burnt the fork? – It just came like that. – [Clintus] (laughs)
It just came like that. And I got this, I
forget what it’s called, but it’s got shrimp
and it’s got arugula and it’s got some white
sauce, and it looks amazing, smells amazing, and
I can’t wait to eat it. – Alright guys, you alright? We’re gonna go
ahead and say goodnight. – Goodnight Send these clips off to daddy. And see you tomorrow. – Yep.
– Yep. Plans tomorrow? – We’re going to go
to the gym together. – Sierra wants to go to the gym. And Sundays are bring
your friend, your guest, so she gets to come with me. Alright, see you tomorrow.
– See you tomorrow. Bye.
– Bye. – Light sticks. – [Clintus] Light sticks. – They’re actually foam. – [Clintus] They’re like foam? Oh yeah, they’re like foam. That’s cool, dude. – I got two. (dance music) – [Clintus] Victory! You’re dead, dude, you’re dead. (dance music) – Oh, late night grilled cheese. Alright guys, we’re
back in the hotel room after the party, Fullscreen
knows how to throw a party, Let me tell you, it was amazing. Bryce had a great time, he was
actually on the dance floor dancing it up. It’s almost 2 A.M. Bryce is
already asleep, passed out. He’s like, he’s done. I’m gonna call it a
night here so I can get things situated and then
go to bed as well. Thank you so much
for watching guys. If you enjoyed it, thumbs up. “i” in the sky for
more videos, last five years down in the description
below, and we’ll see you guys tomorrow for the
last day of Playlist Live, and Universal Studios Orlando. Vlog on. – What’s up, guys, vlog on,
I love ClintusTV and I’ve missed you guys here,
Tiffany, and vlog on. – [Clintus] Awesome dude,
that’s awesome. – Vlog on. – Vlog on. – Yay, high five! (upbeat music)

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