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– Good morning. – Good morning. – It’s early,
it’s raining outside. We’re up, ready to
play some volleyball. – Yep.
– Let’s do this. – Okay, so the
first team we play against is first in Arizona. The first out of like a hundred. We’re like 25th. Yeah, we’re going in
25th and they’re in first. We have to go against them. So, it might be a
challenge, or it might not. – [Tiffany] Wake up, girl. – I know. – [Tiffany] Get
ready to play hard. – Gonna have to. If they’re actually
ranked number one. – [Tiffany] Let’s see
what they look like. Find them? There they are. First spot. (bass notes) (crowd yelling and cheering) – [Tiffany] Go go! Nice try, Sierra. – [Chrissy] Nice serve, Sierra! (cheering) Nice serve, Sierra. (ball thudding) Watch that. (cheering) – [Tiffany] Nice up. Go, yes. (crowd yelling) Good up, Sierra. Yes, oh! Oh gosh, she touched it. That would’ve been out, huh? – Good morning clan. Welcome to Saturday. We have an action packed day between basketball
and volleyball. We have three basketball
games, three volleyball games, it’s going to be crazy. You’re going to get a
lot of dual vlog action, a little bit from Tiffany,
a little bit from me. But it’s only a half day. All the games are done
by like, 12:30, 1:00 I think so we still have half our day. Unfortunately, it’s rainy
and gloomy here in Arizona and so I don’t think we’re going
to be doing much after sports. It might be like a pizza
and movie day, I don’t know. We’ll see but stay tuned. – [Referee] Blue, white. – [Clintus] Nice, Bryce. Oh geez Bryce, nice. (crowd yelling) There you go, Bryce. (coaches yelling) Help him out, help him out. There you go Bryce. Good look, good
look, good look, ah. – [Coach] Get it up! – [Clintus] Aw, get in there. (kids yelling) There you go, there you go. Way to get a piece of it,
way to get a piece of it T. Get that. Good job Bryce, good job Bryce. Stay with it, stay with it. All the way, all the way. Get in there. (clapping) – [Man] Where’s the hustle? – [Clintus] Nice, Bryce. Three! Look at that smile. Oh, they came right back,
they came right back. (basketballs thudding) (crowd yelling) (whistle blows) (kids yelling) (crowd cheering) (crowd clapping) – [Tiffany] Nice, Sierra! (coaches yelling) – [Clintus] Stay with it Bryce. Get your hands
up Bryce, hands up. – [Woman] Get that Xavier. – [Clintus] There you go, T. Take it down, Bryce. (whistle blows) – [Chrissy] Good job, Sierra. (cheering) Nice! – [Coach] Okay, watch behind you. I told you. There we go. (clapping) (kids yelling) – [Man] Not open, Chris. (whistle blows) – Alright, wrapped it up. We’ve got two wins and
one loss under our belt today. We’ve got little Bevo with us. – Yep. – Mom and Dad are heading to– – Birthday party. – Birthday party. An adult only birthday party.
– Yes. – So Mason’s
chilling with us tonight. Going to be doing a sleepover then he’ll hang with us tomorrow
for the volleyball games. But first, lunch. (kids yelling) (crowd cheering) – [Tiffany] Nice! (crowd cheering) Nice! Aw, good try. Oh geez! – Oh you meant the ball? – [Clintus] Alright
first order of business, we got some sodas. Part of the fun of
being here, right Bryce? – Yep. So you grab the cap
and push this thing out. That’s fine. And then like that– – And just push down? – Yeah. Like that. – [Clintus] Hold
on to the bottle. Hold on to the bottle
and then just pop it, yeah. – Want me to do it,
or you got it? – [Clintus] He’s
got it, he’s got it. There you go. – Yeah. – [Clintus] You’re
supposed to say, “Banzai.” How’s the sushi? – Amazing. – [Clintus] Amazing. (kids yelling) (kids cheering) – [Tiffany] Nice. Oh shoot. – Hello. – Hi. – [Clintus] Dessert time, dude? Going for the cheesecake? He’s going for the cheesecake. Good? Is it Bryce approved? (laughing) – Get back over there. – Come on Baby, come on. – [Mason] Ow, ow! – [Clintus] Welcome to my house. Oh, you got lucky. (laughing) – [Tiffany] Alright,
tournament’s over. You wanna give us a recap? – Okay, so we went
against three teams. The first team we lost against. They were first
place in the, in Arizona. Second team we won. They were like 48th. And the last team we also lost and they were like
24th and we’re 25th, so. – [Tiffany] So your thoughts? What were you guys
struggling in today? – Today the most we
struggled with our serves. For some reason a lot of
us were missing our serves. And serve receive. – [Tiffany] Alright,
back at it tomorrow morning at the stadium. – Yep. – [Clintus] You guys just
playing around, playing ball? – Yep. – [Clintus] Left handed? – [Mason] It’s hard. – [Clintus] Alright
we’re back home now. Tiff and Sierra
are back home now. It’s still kind of
slowly sprinkling, drizzling. The boys are actually outside playing basketball
in the drizzle. And Tiffany and Sierra
are going through cabinets in the kitchen. Slowly, I’m not
saying we’re packing but slowly we’re going
through things to donate because a lot of the
stuff in this house guys, I’ve said this numerous times, we’re donating a lot of
the stuff in this house. So look at all these cups. These all from
Cardinals and D-backs and just different events
we’ve collected over the years, and we never use them. We use them maybe once or twice. All of those are
going to be donated. We’re not taking
that to the new house. It doesn’t match the
color scheme and whatnot. So that cabinet’s all empty now? – Oh yeah, look at it.
– [Clintus] Nice. So I don’t know,
some of this stuff we’ll keep, some of it we’ll donate. – Yes, what Mommy’s
going off was maybe I could keep these but it’ll be
better for the new house. Like all that party stuff, all
the cake stuff and all that. That’s more for
catering and stuff. But we’re not going to
cater and have parties here, we’re going to have
parties at the new house. – [Clintus] So pack this up? – [Sierra] Yeah,
packing this up. – [Clintus] So this is packing. What’s donate, is
that the donate pile? – No this is keeping too. – [Clintus] Keep that too? – This is trash or
donate or whatever. – [Clintus] Oh okay. – Alright, it’s official. Our first box is packed,
and Sierra’s going to label it. Ready? – [Sierra] Yeah. – [Tiffany] Kitchen. – [Sierra] It came
out wavy and cool. – Pizza is good? What the– (laughing) – I like the sausage. – [Tiffany] You
guys are too cute. Bryce? Bryce is faking it. You snuggling. – No. – [Tiffany] Kinda, sorta. – Playing Family Feud. – I’m bored. – [Tiffany] You’re bored? – Yeah. – Alright guys
that’s the end of the vlog. It’s 11 P.M. and
I’ve got to edit this. I know I have at
least an hour of footage between the two sports. Usually with just one
sport I have like 45 minutes, so with two,
over an hour easily. So it’s going to take
me a while to edit this, and we gotta get
up in a few hours. I streamed
tonight and it was amazing and I had such a
fun night of streaming. It was absolutely awesome. I streamed on
YouTube for a couple hours. I streamed on
Twitch for a couple hours. It was awesome. So totally worth
it in my opinion. But this is the end of the vlog. Thanks for watching. Thumbs up on your way out.
“i” in the sky for more videos. Last four years’ videos linked
in the description below and I will see
you guys tomorrow. Vlog on. – Hi Clintus, I’m Brianna. – And I’m Carlie. – And we’re from
Phoenix, Arizona. Vlog on.
– Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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