🎁⚽️FOOTBALL SECRET SANTA 2018⚽️🎁 (Parody feat. Zlatan Messi Ronaldo Neymar Salah and more!)

What did footballers get in their Not-So-Secret Football Santa this year? Let’s find out! Luka sent me this for Christmas! He stole it! Demba Ba just what we need! Zlatan’s presence is your present… Clump of hair from Fellaini… All you need to hang like a stocking… Longer arms is all I need!!! Divock Claus made me so happy! With a goal in our derby! I just want you to come home… No! A smaller nose, love Gonzalo?! He’ll make it quick love Mou! I would like a refund… thank you! I’m doing a collection for Wanks… Winks! I mean Harry Winks!!! Human Rights – A Guidebook… For people everywhere? Mumbo jumbo! There’s the sound of laughter! As we dye Kevin’s hair! What?! It’s thinning! Wow! So slimming… I’ll see my family swimming! Daddy – I bring you, the list you said you need! The people who did not vote for me! LET’S GO!!!! ALL I WANT THIS XMAS … is a peak… is a peaky blinders book ALL I WANT THIS XMAS… is a peak but I won’t look I WON’T QUIT FOR XMAS! But I will Sarri! I WON’T COST THIS XMAS… a contract? maybe? ALL I WANT FOR THIS CLUB… is 400 million… PIES! All we want for this club… is a world class Brazilian EYES!!! TADA! Neymar? Can look now! What a let down What? We’d asked for Firmino What? WHAT?!

100 thoughts on “🎁⚽️FOOTBALL SECRET SANTA 2018⚽️🎁 (Parody feat. Zlatan Messi Ronaldo Neymar Salah and more!)

  1. actuly messi want neymar back and neymar regrets leaving messi and messi don't want Roberto firmino he want's neymar back

  2. Yep Divock Origi made you happy three times
    1:late goal vs everton
    2:2 goals vs barca
    3:late goal to put them their name on the cup again vs spurs

  3. Messi and coutinho:All we want for xmas is a world class Brazilian EYES Neymar: I'm here Messi:We were talking about firmino Suarez: WHAT

  4. Messi and Coutinho: "All we want for this club, is a world class Brazilian".
    Neymar appears.
    Coutinho: What a let down.

    Me: LOL 🤣

  5. 442oons guessed the future once again!!!
    They draw Zlatan in the ac Milan kit and about 1 year later he moved to Milan on a free! 😮

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