27 thoughts on “[한글자막] Playing at the Beach | Beach Volleyball in Korea!

  1. So to day i was the first to give you a thumbs up Hi keep safe Paul.
    ok beach culture in Ireland would be swim suits for both Girls and Boys large beach towels for changing ,then good fun like your friends and beach cafe for lunch as with you ,paul

  2. We're hoping to actually play in a beach volleyball competition next year!
    Getting used to moving and hitting in the sand and with wind was surprisingly difficult…

    Btw, how does beach culture in Korea compare with beaches in your home country? I'm curious hehe

  3. Hi there Abby P the Preety..lol
    How come you involve in beach volleyball ?Imean at you a player too.?
    And what teams place represents?have fun there good videos…be safe…

  4. the video is soooo beautiful thank you alot for sharing it in addition you are so funny and cool and i am happy for you because you've enjoyed your time . keep going ?????✌

  5. Hi Abby. I did find it funny when I was in Korea about keeping covered up when at the beach, but then going into a hot springs and it was completely the opposite. There seemed to be these hot springs places everywhere too, even a huge one in the change room of the indoor water park. ?

  6. I wish I had someone as supportive as you in my life??
    But watching your videos make me a really supportive person to everyone!! Thank you?

  7. Oof, beach volleyball is tough because it’s difficult to run in the sand so props to the men who competed! Indoors is much easier too because you have no wind to float your ball. You are right- in my country bikinis are used more and people lay out in their beach towels to sun tan. So I was surprised when I saw all of you wearing clothes in the water! I think the only exception are triathletes who wear special gear. Fun video, I wish I was at the beach right now!

  8. It’s quite late right now, but the thumbnail looked like you were having so much fun so I couldn’t resist clicking on the vid!!!❤️❤️❤️

  9. That beach looks beautiful, and bright lol. What happened to your shades? Lol. Totally noticed on variety shows they cover up too. Why do Koreans do that? Is it just a culture thing not to show too much skin? Too scandalous or something?

  10. Sorry I'm late TT I'm glad you're having a great summer
    Well beach culture in Bulgaria (very small European country)would be – people usually wearing very revealing swimsuits(two parts).Oh and volleyball nets here and there on the beach are something essential.

  11. I wish I can experience summer in other country especially in Korea ?❤because summer here in the Philippines can burn your skin so much

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