Well, Sushi Ramen “Riku” here. Well, here I am, making another video. It seems like I haven’t done this for a long time. [It’s been a long time and, it’s amazing …] [… that I’m able to speak clearly, at all!!] A long time ago, I had a question that puzzled me … If you put gunpowder on a bat and make a hit … … then anyone could hit a home run … You’re out of here! It’s against the rules, though. It’s true it is unfair. It would be amazing. I could hit the ball really hard. If I put gunpowder on my bat, I might be punished by the grown-ups … [It is dangerous! It would mean an automatic out! I thought I couldn’t do it myself. I was waiting for someone else to do it. [No, I’m busy now, sorry.] [But no one did it !] I had no choice; I had to do it, myself. Well, that’s it! This … … is what I’ll use. Well, it’s not so dangerous. It should not be used for this purpose. And anything that may be punished will be pixilated … … to blur out this stuff here. Oh my God, why I am pixilated out? Let’s get started fixing the bat! [A guy doing a really big experiment (19 year old)] [Since I’m doing this by myself …] [No one else will be involved, so there aren’t any people here to get injured. (Just me, myself.)] [Or, there would be people to be injured by imitating me.] [Well, they might] [So, I today will be the guy with the big pixels.] [So please, understand where I’m coming from.] [He messed around with detonators for an hour.] People, listen: even if you are neither good nor bad children, or even if you are grownups who don’t want to be naughty, DO NOT ever try this! In other words: Don’t try this at home, folks! [Too much pain …] [Pain …] [Now I put this here …] Ooh whoa!! This is really awesome. Well, here I aimed it. That was excellent! ここ。 The ball stroke this point … Alright! Well, first of all, let’s hit this ball with all my strength. I’ll check out how hard it was hit by how much of a dent the ball made in the cardboard. ① Ordinary bat It’s so scary! Wow! Scary I guess the ball could even go through the cardboard? I guess the ball could do that … It is not really a test if I don’t hit with my full strength. Well, let’s go. I’m so scared … ! I’m so scared … ! I’m starting … Three, Two, One No good! [The ball made a direct hit on the air conditioner!] No good! No good! Ooo, ooo, ooo [The air conditioner still alive.] I’m lucky! I’m lucky! Why? [Why is the air conditioner over there?] [I sprained my leg.] [Hey you!!] [Why only the air conditioner is without the cover?] [I’m scared.] Is the dent really that deep? [Now, I’m going to bomb it.] Now, I think I’m going to get it right. Okay! Hit it here. [Thorough practice for hitting] I’m starting … Three, Two, One [Sssssss!!] It doesn’t explode!! It doesn’t explode!! What mistake I did? Hey! Yip! Yip! Yip! Oh! My! God! [Wait, wait a second.] This may not be so good, today. [Making improvements …] Take a look at that! With this material … [Highly charged!] Using all the explosive, and maybe putting too much on … Not well aligned… Will it hit? Well … [2nd version] It’s 3 o’clock in the morning, so now … I will absolutely hit it! … well, there isn’t any ball!!! Bomb bat launch!! [Boing!!] (hitting the air conditioner) [Well, get it together, everyone.] [Well, now, everybody.] [There is a little something I want to tell you.] [Here, among us, there is a person who has broken the air conditioner on three different occasions.] [Even though it is an air conditioner that we have loved for ten years …] [There is one person who gives it a very rough time.] [Everyone, close your eyes …] [Absolutely, do not open your eyes …] [In times like these …] [Never, never open your eyes …] [There is a criminal lurking among you!] [That’s YOU.] [4th version] [Okay, I will absolutely hit it this time] [Absolutely!] [I will absolutely hit it this time] [I will absolutely hit it this time] I’m starting … That was a pretty weak explosion. [One theory is that it did not explode, at all.] Should I try … … like this? [It was too big an explosion.] [I’m at a loss] Wait! It was very strong, wasn’t it? [Cracked] There is a crack in a board that’s pretty thick. [A temporary halt.] [Planning session] [The next day] It reminds me of the Great Buddha … It’s something like a big Buddha; I feel very grateful. I appreciate this feeling. Well, this is the 2nd day. I attached the detonators on the ball and swang away. My swing is quite effective. This is … [XX are used for something like YY, like this one.] [Something … it seems like it’s a preliminary set up situation …] Use this … Aha! Baaam! I attached a lot of these to the ball, If I hit this, It will release a lot of energy. OK. Now I think I’ll do it. Because I put this many on the ball … I’m hoping these little guys will really make a bang. [Adhesive tape] [Adhesive tape] Do these ear plugs work? Ooh, I can still hear everything wearing these. OK! Let’s go! Well, now. “Explosive batting”. It is a new expression. Alright! Let’s go!! I’m starting … Three, Two, One [Oh oh oh oh!] [All of a sudden, it really got good.] [Oh yeah!!] Now, the bat bounces back from my touch, Well ! Beeeeeeeee! My ears are ringing. Now! [That does not work at all!!] These earplugs are useless. Look … the ball is … How can I say this … ? The ball is full of dents. That was way too many. It threw me back. I will attach this many pellets, and try again. Here we go! [The ball disappeared] Oh! The ball is hidden in the cardboard. [Ball] It was very strong, wasn’t it? Well, that’s why … My two-day effort succeeded. Second version video There is something else I’d like to try, like this. So please look forward to that. Thank you very for your attention. I’m hurting, and there are lots of stuck horns blowing. The hit ball disappeared again. [People, listen: even if you are neither good nor bad children, or even if you are grownups who don’t want to be naughty, DO NOT ever try this! In other words: Don’t try this at home, folks!] Ho! Ho! Ho! Wow!!!

100 thoughts on “バットが爆発したらめちゃくちゃ飛ぶんじゃね!?

  1. GANMAってゆう漫画のアプリのデッドオアストライクってゆう漫画にバットが爆発してボールを飛ばす技があった気がする

  2. This video should have been titled "how to beat the shit out of your air conditioner at 3 a.m. and some other dangerous stuff"

  3. これあれだよね。運動会とかのスタートでパァン!ってなる火薬の中身出してるよねすげぇ発想が

  4. スシラーメンさん!!あの爆発物の名前は?

  5. すしらーめんって動画自体は短いけど面白さと内容がめっちゃつまっててたくさん動画みちゃうw

  6. エアコンさんが一番の被害者だわなw

  7. 皆真似するでないぞ…すしらーさんのようにポセイドン様をセットいと火之夜藝速男神がお怒りになるぞ。

  8. 野球部野茂のですけど、すしラーメンさんは構え方がとてもうまいです。スイングもいいですよ

  9. 小学生の頃に一度は思った疑問なんて大きくなったら忘れちゃいがちだよなぁ

  10. Why is he doing this in a tiny room? Others have a laboratory for this. Unless you want to burn your house of.

    I love SushiRamen’s videos

  11. まだ見てるんですけどって人いたりします?
    ↓グットでお願いしますm(_ _)m

  12. 小さい頃

  13. こんなに時間かけて動画撮っとるのに
    視聴者が見やすくまとめてしかも失敗しても何度も挑戦して成功させるあたりほんとどっかの しゃちょーとは大違い

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