【Golf It】ゴルフゲーム実況に初挑戦!見事ホールインワン達成できた件について!

ho! ho!! hoo!!! I did it!! Hall in one! How is this? aaaaaaa! Wait a little Aaaah! ! Hello It;s virtual gamer Kizuna A.I. today! probobly… we’ll be playing golf with this… like this… like this! it didn;t fly at all haa I should do it like this! he? like this aaaaaaa I got used to it so like this wooow! bugii bogie Ha! Ahh Are you kiddingme Kisso yay! ahh It’s hard! here we… go! ohh! yes ahhhh! hurray huh, what’s thisone…? heh? ahh, there I gotta make it go up there yep! from here lets try to bounce it take this! aaaaaa! wait a little that went weird how silly! yep! Oh! Nice place hah! uuuuu It’s hard isnt it? to do it from here this is? Huh? Huh? Huh? What? How to do it? Pawn towards here! Whaaat? Wait a second… Isn’t it too difficult? Physics! Oh! ok ok! What? Do your best! Hang in there! I can’t believe “Ai-chan noises” Well, there are amazing courses like this in Golf let’s fall here? Sue’s Poo! Oh, it’s all. Sue’s Poo! Go! Go! Go! oh! ! ahh Hooray! great! Par! Ah I wanted to shoot from here! I wanted to A little from here I’d like to shoot it in, in one go … there Oh! ! Golf is fun! Is this straight? Oh, but I’m bogged down! Go! Am I a Genius? Oh! Ah! Good! I’m scared Yep! oooh! Awesome! this is…? One Chan You have to jump over here? here I go Well! It’s not that easy isn’t it I know Yup! Double speed: Speed: From Chicho Chicho Chi … …? haha Hey! Oh! It would be wonderful if i can score in one go …! Ah If you go nine times, you have nothing anymore? this is? Huh? It looks hard! 3, 2, 1… pon! See, there is a hole Is it wrong to go this way Go! huh? Go! Oooh From here… Pon! Ah! It was relly close Did you really think that player Kizuna would give up in here Ah But at least once I want to make a miracle shot huh, what is this!? it haas to jump over Oh How is this!? Huh? Huh? Hahaha how did it happen? how is thisone! Oh! from! It was relly close! ! Ha! Oh I see. Ha! Wow … This is The most unfunny stage With this … I want to succeed ! Ah! I did it! It was good! here I go! Yes! Oh ah ah! It was close. Ha! Huh! What kind of thing is this? Huh! What? It looks hard! Well, first of all … Is it impossible? Wait a moment. At the end Oh, I made a mistake! with this Diagonally Oh my! Hey! Ah! Noo! I thought I could succeed! Go! Oh, I got overwhelmed and it jumped away golf is difficult… Ha! Ah! Is’t this good enough? Oh! I did it yay!! Ah, Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Yay! I did it! I did it! I did it! golf! I did it! Oh! wait a little. Because it was good Let’s try another one? stage I wonder if these things will make the ball faster? Oh! Oh! ! Oh! ! ! what is this, it’s amazing! Ha! aaahh… Hey! this… There is a hole! Ha! Oh, that can’t be right I fell down! If it goes by vigor ~ But you can not jump through the hole, right? Yay! It is amazing! Amazing, haaa! ! Hey! Wow! Wow! ! Wow! ! ! I did it!! Hole in one! is it true that? in real golf when they guarantee Hall In One thay can get money? Oh, but I have to give it to everyone? Well, shut up the ball should go like this shouldn;t it Isn;t it difficult? Is it possible to go? Ha! just as I thought? A little more! Ha! A little more! Hey! Oh! Nice Yes! It got better and better didn’t I? This has momentum, is not it? Yes! Huh? Where? Oh, here! Hey! rattan! Oh! Par! I’m Good at golf! Something, Is one can play golf? old people will say that you are a good entertainer How is it! Nooo! Stop! ! Hey! Your from here Ha! From to Haait! This was terrible Hey! stop! stop! stop! Ha! Ahh … stop! stop! Heeeeey! ! moron… let’s… go! Ha! Oh! Wow! Am I a Genius? What? what? Where are you going? Huh? What? What? Enough Here I go Hey! ! Huh? What to do? What? it returnes? Are you kidding me Hey! Oh! Oh! ! As waited from a genius Ha! hahaha Can I become a professional golfer? Akan Akan … soon I say something like this Eh, the path might be too thin Huh! Ahhhh … It;s difficult… Hey! Nooooooo! 3, 2, 1 How is it! Oh! Am I a Genius? A little more when I play this game i dont say anything other than “Am I a genius” What is this? Isn’t it moving? Wait, wait, wait ahaha Huh? Wait a second! how to to? It’s intensly hard A demon? Well, how will I make it fall This looks stupidly hard Let’s go I knew… I knew it! Ahhh go Aaaah! Yes! Ah!
why? why? why? Yes! Happy Piss Ho! Hey eh? Ho! Oh, it is impossible totally impossible Ya! somehow… Wow! It is over. W – What, what? Fierce! What’s wrong? What’s wrong? What is this? What is this … Where is it? Oh, there it is! Hmm. Yes! stop! stop! stop! You little… I’m a good girl. Hey! nice! I want it to stop over there ha! Oh, I’m genius! from here Ha! Aaaah! Wait! Aaaah! ! Huh! aaah! enough! I am really angry! Ha! Go! Go! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Hey! Oh – i’m relieved huh, what? What? Huh! Which hole is right? I do not know … I do not know, but I will go on! this! from? Oh, did i come back? Hmm? Yes! I massed it up Can it be thatone? It’s totally a maze ah oh? it will hit Oh! Hit Hooray! Huh I hit it for the second time! haa! Huh? Isn’t it too hardd? Stop here… like this! Oh ah ah! ! Double speed: Appupupu! Oh bad! Double speed: Eh! Chillery Double speed: Eh! Hey! Already! Double speed: huh! Yes! … Hey ~ It’s hard to adjust the power Double speed: Sue! It is really demons anymore! Eh ~ It is sad, sorrowful that I can not clear ~ Ho! Let’s see! ! ! My energy is decreased Ho! Huh! I can’t believe Why is that? why? Tell me why! Ha aaaa! ! ! I feel sad … eeeee! Umm… I was doing good than I messed it up But look! Holel in one I did it for once. Praise me? Praise me! We are waiting for words of praise in many comments! ! Well, Golfing is good isn’t it try to move your body time to time even by playing games Well then it was Virtual Gamer Kizunaai!
See you later!

85 thoughts on “【Golf It】ゴルフゲーム実況に初挑戦!見事ホールインワン達成できた件について!

  1. 1:35 ぶち飛ばし案件

    7:45 パー!!

    7:53 ホールインワン達成!

    9:49 つい口が悪くなってしもた・・・

    10:27 またしてもお口が・・・

    12:30 チーン・・・

    13:10 ついに怒ってしまった・・・

    はい! お褒めのコメントお待ちしてます!

  2. キズナアイさん!ドラクエ10やってください!、コメントしてください!。

  3. I'm voting Mirai Akari, Siro, Kaguya Luna, Tokino Sora, or Yomemi to be Kizuna AI's rival in Golf It…
    This should be fun. ?

  4. konichiwa!
    Im new to this channel. I like watching game-plays.
    I was wondering, does anyone here knows if Ai-Chan makes "live" stream gameplay? If she does i'd be very much interested.

    ps. — i don't mind of her skills. I just thought it'd be interesting experience to watch Ai-chan play games live.

  5. To be fair, she did play pretty well. At the very least on par with Chilled, who is much more experienced with this game.

  6. Imagine the funny/crazy moments if Ai-chan played Golf It w/ the Vanoss crew (Vanoss, Mini, Jiggly, Nogla, FourZer0, Moo, Terroriser). Hahahaha

  7. Can you say this is a success?
    Her score.Bogey.Triple Bogey double bogey.Par.(nice) bogey.Birdie(nice AI zhang).Double bogey.And 天元突破!! Nice double bogey.

  8. アイちゃん…頑張った!
    ( •̀ω•́ )/スゴーイ

  9. アイさんのゴルフプレイプロゲーマーっぽくて凄かったです!

  10. Imagine AI Chan playing Golf It with YouTubers like Mini Ladd or Jacksepticeye. I feel like that will be achievable once she learn English (if she does)

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