– Woah!
(Christina screams) – They need to start ball. – [Josh] That hurt Buddy? You got a cup on? – Oh!
(Christina laughing) – [Josh] What is he doing? – [Christina] William’s scared
’cause I hit him in the face. – [Josh] William stand up honey (laughs). No don’t hit it at, (laughs) – Oh, I did it! – [Josh] Yeah he does. Woah! Strike one. Woah, strike two. Woah! Three year olds trying to play baseball. William can you throw it to him? (Josh Laughing) Woah! Woah! You guys are pretty good! – William? – What? – You wanna play baseball? And his friend gave up, so
now I have to be the pitcher. Okay, William, show
’em what you look like. Put your belly towards the piano. – [Josh] Switch your hands. Double up. – You ready? – Mm. – Oo! Good swing! – [Josh] That was a good swing. – Show me what you look like. Where’s your feet? Got feet towards, yeah! There you go, get that elbow up. Take one step towards Mommy
so you don’t hit the wall. There you go. (laughing) – [Josh] Not quite what she meant. – Look at the piano, with your belly. There you go. Wah! William, that was a
– Did it go up your skirt? – That was a good hit. Gimme five. – [William] Let’s do this again. – Let’s do it again. Let’s do this again. Get that elbow up in the back. – [Josh] There ya go. – Oh! – Oh my gosh.
– Nice swings. – [Josh] He’s swinging for the fences. – I know he’s gonna knock
me out even with that styrofoam ball. – [Josh] He already hit
you in the chesticles. – He did. – It almost went in the toilet! – Almost went in the toilet? Oh no! William, not right next to me. (Josh laughs) Mommy’s, ow!
– Hey! – We have styrofoam
bats too, for a reason. (ball thunks against
bat the window blinds) (Christina screams)
– Woah! (Josh laughs) – You hit it hard! And you broke the blinds! – [Josh] He even (mumbles) (laughing) – Gimme five dude, that was a awesome hit. (William mumbles) They need to, they need to start ball
– Does that hurt, buddy? (Christina laughs) – Ya got a cup on? We’re gonna have to get you a cup brother. Oh. (William screaming happily) I never seen a bat used
like that anywhere. – Never a dull moment. – [Josh] Nope. – [Christina] With this little guy. – [Josh] Uh oh, now
it’s turning into golf. – [Christina] Ow. (thud) Wow. (William screams unintelligibly) – [Josh] He ’bout to take Marrow out. – I know. I’m a really bad catch. – [Josh] No, you’re a really good catch. – Oh thanks. I mean, I can’t catch. Okay, hold it still, ready? Ohh! Almost! – Oh, so close! – So close! (laughing) Oh! Sorry! – [Josh] Wow, Mom. – I failed, I’m the worst coach ever! Hit the kid in the face. Hey Katie the bear. – Hi. – What’s going on? – [Josh] What is he doing? – William’s scared ’cause
I hit him in the face! – [Josh] William, stand
up (laughing) honey! (William yells) – Good morning Dyches fam. Today is baseball day. Tayden’s got baseball right now, Nicoya’s got T ball this afternoon and so we’re out bright and
early playing some baseball. Tayden’s up to bat right
now, so check it out. Make sure you step hit okay? There ya go, be a slugger. You gotta watch the ball all the way in, it’s not pitching very good. Go Tayden. (distant people yelling) Good morning mate. Say good job Tayden. – Good job Tayden. – [Josh] Morning Mom. – Morning. – [Josh] Nicoya, say good job Tayden. – Good job Tayden. – [Josh] Good job buddy, way to be, way to hit it. – Hi Tayden. – We got the crew here this morning. They came a little after I
did, but we’re just enjoying some baseball. What a great day to enjoy baseball. Beautiful weather. Okay, second at bat, here we go Tayden. Be a slugger buddy. Hey, way to be, buddy, you did good today. – Thanks. – We almost missed your game today because my alarm, my phone isn’t
vibrating anymore so, I set the alarm and set
it twice and we still almost missed his game today, didn’t we? – Yeah, we were like five minutes late. – Yeah, whoops! But you did good today dude. Way to step up. – Thanks for watching. – It’s Nicoya’s last T
ball game of the season. Cutest first baseman ever. Get ready, okay? Nice hit Coy! Hey, gimme five, nice solid hit. Get it Nicoy! Throw it to second. Nice hit Nicoy! Right in the outfield. Hey, good job, way to hit that. Get it Nicoy! Woohoo! Good job Nicoy! Hi. – Hey. – [Josh] How you feeling? – Like it’s a hundred
degrees and we’re outside in the sun at a baseball game. – [Josh] It is a hundred degrees. And you are outside at a baseball game. Have a little bit of water. – [Boy] I never thought I’d be first. I need some spray, I need spray.
– Lift your hat up. How’s that feel? – Good. – [Josh] Does it feel refreshing and cold? Is it hot out there? Hey, you’re doing good,
way to hustle, keep it up. Wanna see you smack that ball, okay. This is probably your last at bat Nicoy, for the season. – [Woman] If you’re not
watching that ball it’s gonna hit ya. – [Josh] Nice hit Nicoy! Way to hit that! Good job Nicoy! Gimme thumbs up. What’s he doing?
– He wanted some water on his head. – Can you do some more?
– Ready? Tip your head back.
– No. – [Josh] Yeah, dude,
just a little bit more. – He don’t like it. – [Josh] Do a little bit more, Mom. – His head was really sweaty. – [Josh] You look like
you’re burning up buddy. You been over on the playground? Say thanks Coach. Say baseball. – Baseball! – [Man] Good job guys! – We done? ‘Cause I think I need a helper. – [Josh] (laughs) Yeah. Give her a big hug guys,
giver her a big hug! Tayden, William, give sissy a big hug! Big hugs! I can’t see Nicoy, where are you Nicoy? Nicoy, congratulations, you did so good. Last game of the season. You knocked it out of
the park little lady. Two times you smacked
it out of the infield. One time you smacked it super
duper hard at the pitcher. I’m proud of you. Are you excited for next year? Okay, gimme five. Tell these guys thanks for watching. – Thanks for watching. – [Josh] Okay Mom, were we headed now? – Let’s head to our
father’s day celebration slash Josh’s birthday celebration to – [Nicoya] Slash my celebration. – Get us a delicious drive in hamburger. They’re the best in the whole world! (children chattering) Out of all the beautiful
places that we’ve traveled this month, home is still the best. – What’s up guys? So we made it Sanpete
County where my roots are. And this is a place I
spent a lot of time at on the weekends and on Monday
nights for family night. That thing right there is
a ginormous outdoor movie theater screen. And back here is where
it’s actually projected. And this is where we
get all of our goodies. So this is called the
Basin Drive-in and it’s in Mount Pleasant, Utah. But when I was a kid, young
kid, we couldn’t listen to the movie on the radio. We actually had these things
right here that we had to plug in, or you take that off, you’d set it inside your car,
usually on your car window. Little stereo and you could
listen to the movie here. But this is one of my
favorite places ever. And one of the things that
these guys are known for is their delicious burgers. So they open a couple hours
early every day that they’re open to serve cheeseburgers. And of course we’re down here in Sanpete, and that’s one of the
things that I wanted to do for my birthday weekend and
Father’s Day was to come down here and eat a double cheeseburger. It’s one of my favorite burgers ever. I’ve never been this close
to the actual movie screen. I didn’t realize it was just metal. I just wanted to come
up here and touch it. William, what do you think? (William grunts) Huh? It’s just like an aluminum
metal sheets that go all the way up. – He’s sticking up his butt. – [Josh] What’s sticking, woah woah, what’s sticking up its butt? – The stink bug. – Oh, there’s stink bugs down here huh? Ew, stinky bugs. Taking a stroll down memory lane. William, say hi to everybody. – Hi. – Say what’s up? – What’s up? What’s up you stink bugs? – Stink bugs? You guys have these stink bugs? – [Tayden] Dad, look
it’s coming out there. – Lemme know if you guys
have ever been to an outdoor drive-in theater like this. Oh, guys, home sweet home! This brings back a lot of memories. Children! Go swing on those red
and green swing sets. This is the view that I grew up with guys. For over 20 years, this is what I would wake up to and oh, I just love it. That’s called horse shoe
mountain right there folks. If you can tell, looks like
an imprint of a horse shoe. I love this place even
though I’m allergic to it. Gah haha, you think that I’d
grow out of being allergic to this place, but no. But my kids sure do love
coming down here, huh kids? – [Tayden] Hi Dad. – [Josh] Hi, pun intended! Hi, look how high I’m going Dad. Say hi swing selfie!
– Hi! – [Josh] Don’t kick me
ya little butt nugget. So one of the things that, maybe you guys remember
but several months ago we picked this up for my dad, to ya know, basically
build a fire pit out of. And yeah, as you can tell,
this is where we sat it, because we were gonna put
it somewhere right here to set it up and we didn’t
have time a year ago. Now we’re here and we’re gonna
set it up for Father’s day. So it’s a two Father’s day gift. One we got, got it here. Two we’re gonna set it
up somewhere right here. Those birds do not like us very much. – [Tayden] Dad, do you know why? – [Josh] Why? – [Tayden] Their nest is
in the basketball hoop. – Their nest is right here. I wonder if they’ll get mad
if I show you their babies. – Dad I can gimme the
camera and you can lift me so I can show them? – [Josh] Oh yeah, good idea. Okay, here we go. – Let’s do this. – [Josh] Now you gotta hold
the camera while I lift you up. Don’t be scared, I got you. Okay, can you lean it up
high enough to see into that? Can you see into it? – [Tayden] I can’t see anything. – [Josh] Well, just reach
the camera high enough to see into it. – [Tayden] I am. – [Josh] Okay, cool. What do you guys see up there? – [Tayden] I’m up on my dad’s head. (Josh laughs) – [Josh] Okay, let’s dismount. – [Tayden] Woo! – Okay, what did you guys see? – Yeah, did you see anything? – Yes, did you guys see
anything neat up there? Let us know. – Let us know and then we’ll
watch the video to see. – Yeah, we’ll see too,
but you guys watch that. – The real reason we
came down here tonight is this baby right here. – [Josh] Oh yeah, I was
telling ’em about that. – This, my friends, is the
most simple and delicious hamburger you will ever eat. – [Josh] Isn’t that so good in your mouth? – Oh my gosh, in your entire life. – [Josh] Get in your mouth. – Josh’s double deliciousness. – [Josh] Oh my, get in there! Can you guys see in there? Holy, look how good that looks! – Nom, nom, nom. – You guys ready for this? – It’s so messy ’cause it’s so, – No that’s good. – Woah, woah! – Just give it to me. Mmmm Oh my god, Christina. Oh my, mmmm. If you live in Utah, drive
to Mount Pleasant, Utah, go to the Basin Drive-in, Google it, make sure
that they’re open first. They open at six P.M. at
night, Monday through Saturday, but you gotta try those cheeseburgers, they are so good. If you’re not from Utah, fly here. It’s worth it just for that burger. – They really are the best. – [Josh] Yeah, look at that. I got it all over my face. Mmm. Worth it! – Look at me! – [Josh] Aww Tayden! – Look at me! – Dad, watch my mini-underdog. – [Josh] Oh wee! William was that fun? William? Look at me. Is that fun? – Yeah. – [Josh] Do you love your big bro? (William giggles) Don’t kick me! This is why we’re having baby number four. ‘Cause look at that. – Dad will you push me to
that tree branch right there? – [Josh] Look how cute these kids are. And they’re gonna be good
older siblings to baby number four. So excited guys, I can’t wait. And happy Father’s day to me. That’s why I’m having lots of babies, I like being a daddy! – Look at me! [Josh] Look at Nicoy! Swing selfie! Snap, snap snap! Look at that! The sunset here is beautiful! Would you look at that? Enjoy that sunset. Oh, look at them clouds all over. Radiant beauty! We’re getting killed by
mosquitoes right now. Probably not smart for
you to be out in these mosquitoes, Christina. – I sprayed, – [Josh] We’ve decided that
this is gonna be the final resting place for the fire
pit because we like the view. Christina bending over like that, I mean the mountains in the background. But it’s straight on from the, oh my gosh. Look at this sunset, I can’t get over it. That is beautiful, and then these clouds down there are just beautiful Christina. Oh that is, babe, you’re
not even enjoying that. – God, that’s amazing. – We don’t really know what we’re doing. We don’t have a lot of
experience with cement work or laying stones and bricks and stuff. – But we’re trying. – [Josh] But we’re just guessing. We’re guessing here. But this is what it’s
starting out to look like. Is that not just beautiful or what? Look how beautiful this is. Man this place is beautiful. Okay, you guys are
probably sick of seeing how beautiful this place is. Oh, it’s getting even brighter. Look at that. That’s almost worth living
here, just to see these sunsets. These clouds are just, like look at this. I can’t get over it, look how the colors, oh it’s blurry, come on. Oh my goodness. This is seriously, would
you look at that folks? Woo! Gotta love the country life. (spits) Ping! ♫ He’s been where I am before ♫ He will make all my weaknesses stronger ♫ With his stripes I’ll
be healed from these bands ♫ Hoping by his side I’ll stand ♫ I will run to the one who
has created my life in his hand

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