⚽️TOOTH KNOCKED OUT WITH SOCCER BALL GIRL SCORES HER FIRST SOCCER GOAL! – Good morning guys. – Good morning everybody. – Hope you had a fantastic weekend. We are just headed to… – My soccer game. – Nikoi’s early Saturday morning soccer game and she’s totally awake right now. She’s so awake. – Plus it’s cold. – Nikoi is gonna do her best today and hopefully kick some soccer butts. I mean balls. Ball. ( Music playing ) – [ Josh ] Go Nikoi kick it in! Yeah!! Good job Nikoi! Get over here. Hey. – What? – You did awesome today! What do you think? – Happy. – Did you score a goal? – Yeah. I’m so proud of you how about a donut? Let’s go get a donut! And a Gatorade. I love you. Good job, you did so good. – We just got home from Nikoi’s awesome soccer game and everybody is officially up in the Dyches home. And everybody knows this little lady scored a soccer goal. And she did awesome at soccer today, huh? Rozzy Bear is super excited for his sister, huh? And guess what Roswell? You are seven months old today, buddy. Mom is he seven months old? – Why? No he is never growing up. Yes he is seven months today. – He’s seven months old today. Happy seven month old birthday buddy boy. William. Say good morning to everybody. – Morning. – Say hi. Wave. – Hi. – How are you today? – Good. – Good. Have you been watching Saturday morning cartoons? – Yeah. – With your big bro? – Yep I’ve been watching Ninjago and then Iron Giant. – Iron Giant? Hey what did you think about your sister scoring a goal today? Is that pretty cool? – Yeah. – Yeah you gave her a big hug, huh? Yeah have you given your little baby brother a hug today? Well then you better do it right now. Awww. William he is seven months old, don’t squeeze him, don’t squeeze him. He’s just a little guy. He loves his big sissy, huh? Say good job Nikoi way to score your first goal of the season. Alright round 2 of soccer, well soccer day. Right mom? – Saturday soccer day/ – We just call it soccer day cause that’s all we do on Saturday is soccer day. – Yeah. – What are we doing, Tay? – Going to my basketba.. I mean. – ( Laughing ) It’s not basketball day. – We’re going to my soccer game. – Yep. Tayden’s only got a couple games left but uh, Tayden how do you feel right now? You feel like you’re gonna go kick some butt? – Yeah. Alright dude go light it up. ( Helium voice )Light it up, light it up, light it up, he’s on fire! – [ Josh ] Boot it. – Yeah, um I meant boot it in like a gap. Sorry kid. – [ Christina ] That’s your fault. – [ Josh ] I didn’t mean at a kid. ( Music playing ) – All you Tayden, go buddy, go. Kick it center. – [ Christina ] You had to fight for that goal, huh? – [ Josh ] You outta gas bro? Hey way to hustle dude. You’re always laying it all on the line bro. – [ Christina ] How did that goal feel, pretty good? – [ Josh ] You having a hard time breathing? – Yeah. – [ Christina ] K do your breathing. – I’m on a date with this pretty lady tonight. – A date with 4 children. – Just kidding. – Hey kids. – Hi guys. – Where we at right now? – The Tannerites. – The what? – The Tannerites. – We are at an explosion? – No! – Did you know that tannerite is actually explosives? – Oh my gosh, no. – Yeah TNT baby. – [ Christina ] Roswell pooped. It smells in here I gotta open the door. – K we’re gonna go party with our friends. Come hang out with us. Let’s go. – [ Josh ] There’s something fun going on right now. This is a little awkward. Intimidation. – Alright. Quiet on set! Testing audio. – What did the red light say to the green light? – What? – Don’t look at me I’m changing. – Cut. K you guys just watch her eyes. Make sure they’re up here. I tried to catch fog yesterday. – You did? – Yessss. – So the adults got done with doing the bad joke telling laughing thing. And now the kids are gonna do it. They’re cuter than we are so We’ll see if they, we’ll see if they laugh. Yeah they might actually laugh. K about to go live. – Guys I think we’re live! – You’re live, 13 seconds in. – We are doing a dumb joke try not to laugh challenge. – What did one snowman say to the other? – What? Do you smell carrots? What do you call a dear with no eyes? I have no idear. – We had a ton of fun at the Tannerites, we always do. All those guys do YouTube. I’ll post a link to their YouTube channels below, please go check out our friends. And tell them that we sent ya. To check out their channels, that’d be awesome. Um but that’s gonna be it tonight from the Dyches Fam. We’re tired. We stopped and got Chick- Fil -A. It’s 10:40 and we’re gonna hurry and eat and get to bed. – We’re ready for bed. Good night Dyches Fam and we will see you guys tomorrow. – K peace out Dyches Fam. Peace. – Peace out, love you guys. – We love you. – Peace out, thumbs up. Oh William says this is peace out thumbs up. – Peace out thumbs up. – See you tomorrow.

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