►How to Break in a Glove by Glove Steaming

Hey how are you doing this is Brock with Big Dawg Bat Rolling Today I’m gonna go over how to break
in a glove with the glove steamer the first thing we do is wash the glove this one has already been washed and dried basically you know wash it all off trying to get
off the excess oil use about a drop of dish soap in a container and wash it off OK next thing we do use some pre steam glove conditioner basically spray it all over the glove make sure we get the string all over the glove what this is going to do is open up the glove pores as it goes into the glove steamer help in breaking process wipe away and wipe in excess glove conditioner this glove soaked up pretty well but its a older glove put on a little bit more wipe off the excess and it is ready to go into the steamer put it in now we are going to leave that in there about 2-5 minutes depending on how soft you want the glove. In this case we are going to leave the glove in for about 3 minutes a little stiff but cases gloves ready to
go gonna go and get to work with our mallet okay after that glove comes out what we are going to do basically hit it with a mallet on all the key hinge points again this is a infielders glove middle infielders we want the pocket to be short no means does a middle infielder want to grab the ball from inside the web so we definitely want to make the pocket in here as much as possible on a middle infielders glove opposite of what an outfielders glove would be is way out here so we also want to make sure the pinky stays straight we don’t want to be hitting that and breaking up this one is already starting to role a little bit don’t want to do that is because as well the glove needs to stay straight with the ground as an
infielder fields the ball he doesn’t want it rolled infielders will catch it like this and the ball gets by so we want to keep the pinky straight and thumb straight ok so we start off by the biggest hinge point that is right here basically rolling it as we hit it we will be working this glove for about 15 or 30 minutes actually already broke in a descent amount we would go on that quite a while and the
next point would be crossed here at this glove is a sorry across here this glove is a web
glove doesn’t have that lacing across the top so what we do is start here roll the glove bring it forward hit it all the way up and down the line and we get all the way to the pinky like I said we will do this several times takes a little while to get this done I am going a little faster than normal just so you get an idea of what we do what I said about the pocket is this the
middle infielders glove so we want to be working that low end of the pocket trying to get that low pocket for quick removal of the ball in the pocket that infielder was a little harder to make
the pocket lower takes quite a bit of work make sure you bang it out enough in order to get that pocket nice and deep in the front of the glove still work the rest of the glove to make it soft we are just working on that shallow pocket once we have taken the mallet to the glove what we want to do is take some of our
cream conditioner Lanolin and vitamin E rub this all over the glove and make sure you get the strings the reason I picked this lanolin and vitamin E it is the best option best stuff without a doubt somebody said don’t even know what it is before you think but now things are called neats foot oil and its not neats foot oil it is some made up oil and it is not made up of hooves of livestock like it’s supposed to be you know both
most experts will agree neats foot oil is not the way to go either there is mixed reviews on vaseline for our purposes we really like lanolin and vitamin E and it always has very good reviews for protection and as far as what it does to the glove as getting it game ready and soft for coat this whole thing liberal with the pocket now once we are done coating it with the cream what we do with a pocket in there like I
said this can be a shallow pocket this is a softball glove it would be like an outfielders glove for hardball in this case customers a middle
infielder so we want to put that pocket shallow we can ship it like this…it is important for the first 48 hours we get the shape of the glove again the middle infielder wants your pocket shallow shallow pocket I mean the steamer does an
awesome job of breaking this thing in on top of using the lanolin a vitamin E and
breaking in and just just an awesome way to break in a glove

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