ये Chess Trick सीखो और अपने दोस्तों के होश उड़ा दो | Lasker Trap | Best Chess Trick

Hello Guy! Today I’ll show you a chess trick which has got his name from world’s great chess player, Emanuel Lasker. This chess trick will shock your opponents! But you would able to do it only when, you know its all three variations! That’s why make sure to watch this video till end. So let’s get started! This chess trick is also known as Lasker Trap And you will play this with black pieces. You will play this when your opponent start the game with Pawn to D4 Then you will play D5 and here white’s most common response Pawn to C4 This is very popular opening also known as Queens Gambit Here you are going to surprise your opponent a little by playing pawn to E5 this opening is also called Albin Counter Gambit Because white is getting a pawn for free here, he will of course capture it! after which you will simply move forward your pawn. As you can also see here.. Our D pawn is very irritating for White because he also cant move out his knight That’s why many players in this position try to exchange this pawn and they play E3 but you will not move your pawn Instead you will giving check with your Bishop! and here best move for white is to block check with his Bishop But here you are going to surprise your opponent as you will not save your Bishop! Instead you will simply capture his pawn. and here 90% of players get greedy they think Bishop is for free and they capture it and with that White has fallen for our Trap as in the next move we will capture his pawn giving check to his King he will be really shocked to find out that he can’t capture our pawn Because if he do that then his Queen will be gone. Hence obviously he can’t capture that pawn in that position. Hence his king is left with only one move that is King to E2 Next move will definitely shock him! You will capture his Knight with your Pawn Under promoting pawn to Knight, giving check to his king! And here you must be wondering that why we didnt promoted a Queen? the simple reason for that if we promote pawn to Queen then there would be no check to king and after exchanging Queens he can simply capture our queen with his rook and this would have become an equal position that’s why is really important that in that position we promote our Knight giving check to the White’s King and now if now he captures knight Then we will simply move our Bishop to G4 giving check to king and his Queen is gone now! That’s why he cant capture our Knight his king is only left with one good square that is king to E1 then you will give check to his King with your Queen in this position if white blocks check with G3 Then you will move your queen to E4 and forking his King and Rook that’s why in that position moving pawn is not a good move Hence the only move left for king is move king to D2 after which our next moves are going to be really attacking! We will move out our knight attacking his Bishop and when he saves his Bishop, we will attack his queen with our Bishop after which we will Long castle Giving check to White’s king! as you can see in this position we have a extra Knight as well as all our pieces are in attacking position White king has been exposed And this is a winning position for Black! If we go back and lets suppose Your opponent is smart and he dont capture our Bishop instead of that he captures our Pawn in that case too you need not worry! Because in the next move You will check with your Queen and when he blocks check with his Pawn you will move Queen to E4 and with move you are not only attacking his rook and pawn but with that you are also attacking his E3 pawn as his Bishop is Pinned! So in short you have got the compensation for the pawn you earlier sacrificed and this position is equal and balanced! Let’s suppose he neither take on your Bishop nor he take on your pawn instead he move his Queen to A4 square giving check to your king! In this case you will block with Knight and after he captures your Bishop you will simply capture his pawn giving check to his King. and when he recaptures pawn you will give check with your queen. If he try to block the check you will move Queen to D4 giving check again! In this position no matter where king moves, either H1 rook or A1 rook will be gone 100% Let’s see how if his King moves to G2 or E2 square Then you can play Queen capture giving check, and capturing his rook. And if king moves to E1 Then you will play Queen to E4 Giving check and will capture his rook! and finally if he moves king to F3 Then you will give check with Bishop Then after King G2 you will play Queen to E4 and here once again when he moves his king his Rook will be Gone! and this is a winning position for black, So this was Lasker Trap, If you liked the trick, Like the video 🙂 and for more such chess tricks Hit that subscribe button! See you in the next video 😉

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