Обзор комплекта для современной защиты: YINHE Venus.14 + Apollo 5 + Neptune Euro 0,7 мм

Hello! My name is Aleksei Sypachevskii and this is channel TT-Maximum. Now I’m going to start new-style review. It’s not going to be the review
of one rubber or blade, as I usually do, but it’s going to be the review of the full setup. I thought, if I’ve tried the setup and
found it to be harmonic, interesting in game, why not
to tell about the whole setup? Tell me, please, in the comments below how do you like such type of the video,
whether it’s interesting and useful. What is the setup I’m talking about? It’s a setup for modern defense. similar to Denis Kalachevkii style. It’s not his setup, but similar to his. Blade in this setup is Yinhe Venus 14. Pips-in rubber Yinhe
Apollo 5 on sponge 37. And long pips Yinhe Neptune
EURO on sponge 0.7 mm. There are a lot of videos on
the channel about Apollo 5, where it’s told and shown
what the rubber it’s, and on the site there is
a detailed review about it. All the links on stuff are in
the description, as usual. About Neptune EURO there are also some videos,
but it’s going to be more in the nearest time, as recently new Neptune Euro was presented. But on the site there is
a detailed review about it as well. I will tell more details about blade. It’s composite, class OFF, and it’s very
good blade of this class and in price range. Now let’s speak about setup characteristics. As I told, this setup is for modern defense. The only thing is speaking about
Denis’s setup, he plays with pips-in tensor, there is the difference, as unlike tensor, which on fast blade doesn’t allow good defense
with chop even with professional techniques, if you know players who manage
to defense with similar setup: super
fast blade and fast max sponge tensor, let me know in comment below,
because I’m not aware of such personalities. But here, instead of tensor
there is a hybrid, which has lesser
jump-off if to compare with tensor, and much higher control in chops. So thought the blade is of class OFF,
and jump-off in general quite fast, you may adequately defense not only
with fishing and lobbing but with chop as well. so defense characteristics of the setup allow,
depending on style preferences and skills of the player, one may
defense with fishing/lobbing and chop. Chop, as for such speed of the setup, is very controlling and even allows changing between
heavy underspin and no-spin return. So you may play various balls, making attacker’s life difficult and making him mistake, not noting
spinning of the incoming ball. As for attacking characteristics of pips-in rubber. OFF class rubber Apollo 5
provides very good attacking abilities. So it is easy to attack, and attack heavy,
if you have necessary technique. You may use various attacks:
fast loops, spinny and placement. But considering hardness of the
rubber, fast loops are more preferable. Aside want to add about no-spin ball with this setup. Unlike Chinese rubbers of the older
generation, which are not hybrid but just sticky, providing bad smashing ability, the modern hybrids by Yinhe provide smashing that varies from good to perfect, e.g. Apollo 5 provides perfect smashing. That is you may hit with all the
strength, you feel every move, the ball goes strictly toward the table. But don’t forget to acquire
the technique of serving the smash, of course, the ball
will not fly on its own. So if you acquired such a technique,
this setup allows playing good smashes. As for defense characteristics. Defense with chop in the
far middle zone is quite good. There is high tempo of returns,
if the opponent played
the loop with heavy spin, there is heavy reverse. Simple old Neptune provided heavy reverse,
but Neptune Euro provides even heavier. And against loop with heavy spin,
there is great superheavy underspin. As for control, it’s quite high. Obviously defense blades have higher control, but as for such fast setup,
control in chop surprised me. pushing at the table
there is also very controlling, and as Neptune has high friction, it allows
to add underspin while pushing if you wish Or if you and opponent play
counterdrives against each other, Neptune Euro on this blade, and many
other, allows you playing both no-spin balls and if required to serve
the ball with underspin. The control of pushing on the table is good. As for attack, if you get the easy ball so it is easy to hit and score with long pips. The low bounce balls may be carefully
driven in the empty corner. The block is also not bad. As for chop-block. If you play chop-blocks,
I wouldn’t recommend you to play with this kit, considering the rubber with
friction on such a sponge. Though Neptune Euro OX is
quite good in chop-blocks. With Neptune Euro block
works good on the table. But chop-block is not recommended if your Neptune Euro is with sponge. I forgot to mention
block with pips-on rubber. It is worth to be mentioned. Block with Apollo 5 on
sponge 37 on blade Venus 14 is controlling, accurate, and in addition quite fast. As the speed of the blade is high,
even at simplest placement the ball jumps off, and if to strengthen, the ball
will fly as fast as you push. It’s not surprisingly, that the block is great,
as the smashes are also great. Because in such a regime the racket goes similar, and if the smash is great,
then the block is respectively great. There is a lot to tell about it,
but I think it’s quite enough. So let’s conclude. What is this setup about? There is a fast racket for those
representers of the modern defense, who prefer fast blade and fast pips-in rubber and high control of long pips on other hand. So there is quite controlling defense with long pips, for both BH and FH, while twiddling the racket, as long pips for FH are not
forbidden, but is even recommended. As for attack with pips-in rubber,
you may play BH, it’s also good. Though there is a good
opportunity to attack FH with pips. As for price, the kit is quite affordable. It’s not super cheap, but very affordable. About weight. Due to blade being not
light and there is pips-in rubber is heavy, the weight is enough for the defense,
despite long pips being not heavy. What else? The design is good, the handle is comfortable. So, that’s it. Don’t forget to let me know about
your impression of this video format, whether it was interesting and useful to you. Subscribe to the channel,
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See you!

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